01 Jan 2021

[0] Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of this blog is ever-changing. Currently, I am interested in learning more about the unseen, scientifically unproven phenomena related to our inner abilities. Since each post should be applicable to all, I have written everything in the first person. My plan is detailed below:

Days 1-100 (100 posts)

  • Share notes on one resource per day
  • Focus on learning new theories and applying them to my daily life

Days 101-200 (10 posts)

  • Condense the previous 100 day’s learning into ten general topics:
    • Fear
    • Flow
    • Mastermind Group
    • Intuition
    • Faith
    • Higher self
    • Purpose
    • Self-image
    • Success
    • Consciousness

Day 200+ TBD

I suggest watching the videos while reading along with my notes if you choose to follow along. Regardless of your current life situation, there should be nuggets of truth in each one of these blog posts, so I hope you keep an open mind and find value from this.

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