31 Jan 2021

[2] Mental Diet

21 Day Mental Diet

Fusion of Neville Goddard & Emmet Fox’s work

The Key to the Mental Diet

If disempowering information shows up, do not dwell upon it. It is not my thoughts that come to me that matter, but only such of them that I choose to entertain and dwell upon. The end goal is turning this into more than a 21 day challenge, but into a lifestyle. This may seem difficult at first, but over time it gets easier and will become autotelic, which is the goal. I want to experience more flow and eventually become more autotelic. Being autotelic means I have a desire, that which I want to create, and I appear to effortlessly move towards that goal. Whatever I do is from a place of autotelic, it flows through me: Actions and awareness are one.


Release certain kinds of thoughts out of my mind, identify with certain perspectives that are in alignment with what I desire to create, and the result is more flow. I am in flow when challenge meets skill. I am not overwhelmed by the challenge but I evolve with the challenge.


Actions and awareness become one. My thoughts, emotions, and actions align and are congruent with what I desire to create. I have a desire to create something and I begin to automatically move forward in the direction. At the same time, what I desire to create automatically begins to move forward to me. Together, this is called the bridge of incidence. It is important to experience this bridge of incidence from a place of flow or autotelic rather than reactivity. In other words, don’t identify with certain perspectives which show up within my awareness. The identification of these perspectives are revealed during my mental conversations.


Renewing of the mind

Speech is the image of mind; therefore, to change my mind, I must first change my speech. By “speech” is meant those mental conversations that I carry on with myself. I want to consciously choose certain perspectives that are in alignment with what I desire to create.

From “Mental Diet” to “Flow” to “Autotelic”

Begin with perhaps experiencing a lot of resistance and stress between what I want to create and where I am right now, so I begin the mental diet. From there, I experience more and more flow. As a result of experiencing flow and continuing the mental diet, and making this more of a mental lifestyle, I become more autotelic. I begin to create what I desire from a higher degree of congruence of the desire and the thoughts, emotions and actions being in alignment.

“You must train yourself to choose the subject of your thinking at any given time, and also to choose the emotional tone, or what we call the mood that colors it” – Emmet Fox


It’s not the thought, but the dwelling of thought that gives it its power, both in positive and negative ways. Do not shame yourself for having negative thoughts, just simply don’t dwell on them. It is important to see the journey and destination as one.

The Mental Diet (3 step process)

Step 1

“Pick a goal”, and keep it with yourself. What would it look like if it were true?

“The transformation of self requires that we meditate on a given phrase, a phrase which implies that our ideal is realized, and inwardly affirm it over and over and over again until we are inwardly affected by its implications, until we are possessed by it. Hold fast to your noble inner convictions and conversations” – Neville Goddard

I don’t have to say the same thing over and over again, but when I have a goal, the mental conversations that I want to have within myself is about the goal from as many different perspectives as possible to fill up my consciousness with different perspectives of how achieving my goal is possible.

Keep written down on a card or phone a statement:

  • I now have in my possession $250,000 for medical school tuition. I have created this $250,000 through the constant renewing of my mind through mental diets to the point of light-hearted unwavering conviction, resulting in an “autotelic” state of being where my thoughts, emotions, and actions are aligned as one.
    • Whenever you dwell on a negative thought, read this ^

Step 2

“Let go” any thoughts of failure, disappointment, trouble, criticism, jealousy, or condemnation of others or self. Any thought of sickness or accident; or, in short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking in regards to where I am right now and the realization of my goal.

  • Before I dwell on a negative thought, let it go. Or read my statement. Or engage in affirmative self-talk.
  • Negative thoughts will not affect my diet so long as I do not accept them. The only way they truly affect me is by fearing them, believing them, being sad about them, or giving them any power at all. However, I can choose my perspectives about my experiences and conditions.
  • I am replacing the subconscious identification with the experiences and the conditions with affirmative positive or in-harmony, accurate-thinking based perspectives that are in alignment with bringing forth what I desire

Step 3

“Choose your environments” If disempowering information shows up, do not dwell upon it
Modalities to work with

  • Subconscious mind audios
  • Self-talk
  • Revision
  • Environment


  • It is not really the environment, but the interpretations or the perspectives that we assimilate from the environment. Some environments can be more challenging than others. Surround yourself with environments that encourage the desired outcome, encourage who I aspire to be.
  • If an environment seems to be too overwhelming, then I can choose to release myself from the environment and choose another environment. If I feel stuck in my current environment, then I can choose my perspectives about what shows up. Don’t dwell on the negativity or negativity that I assign to my environment or elements within my environment.
  • Environment is anything in this outer world, information, sources, circumstances, physical environments, certain conversations. Anything for a period of time appears to disempower you, you can feel it and release from it. When presented with disempowering information, you have two choices: evolve the meaning behind it or remove the source of that information

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