03 Feb 2021

[5] Shadow Work

Healing the Shadow

Shadow work can be summarized as changing my perception of myself

We are taught that it is not acceptable to feel certain things and because it is in our nature to want acceptance, we reject and suppress these feelings within us as a means to help us earn love

  • Whatever aspects of myself that are seen to block me from receiving love are banished into the realms of my subconscious where they become a part of my shadow side

When an aspect of myself is placed into my shadow, it becomes unconsciously projected outside of me and I begin to judge and hate others for those aspects that I’ve rejected in myself

  • It is no longer in my conscious awareness because I believe that I’ve successfully gotten rid of it by hating and denying it
  • It becomes a negative core belief that shapes the way I see everything

What triggers you is what needs healing in you

Whatever I look upon with judgement, rather than compassion, is the reflection of a rejected fragment of myself that is crying out to be made whole

Healing my shadow is a process of deep internal investigation where I look inside of myself and find those parts of me that I rejected long ago and give them the love and acceptance that they need to be transformed into their highest expression

I must look my abuse, traumas, mistakes, fears, and self-loathing in the face and meet all of them with pure unconditional love

I Cannot Rush my Healing Process

If there is something feeling too difficult to face, then that is probably just a sign that there are other layers of self rejection that need to be addressed first, so I can work my way up to the most difficult traumas of my past

A common shadow work mistake is believing that something is wrong with me

  • The whole problem with my shadow is not that something is wrong with me, but that I believe there is something wrong with me
  • If I see my shadow as a broken part of me that needs to be fixed, then I will not heal it because the subconscious intention, that this part of me is bad, is still present

Feel everything without judgement

Forgiveness is an unavoidable part of shadow work

  • The reason why most people don’t see progress, is that they’re trying to heal themselves while still holding onto a grievance
  • I cannot heal something that I don’t forgive

You shadow is essentially trapped energy that

  • All energy must be felt out of the body, it cannot leave any other way
  • So allow every part of yourself to express without judgement
  • Everything here is to be loved because love is the only healing energy in the universe

Love reorganizes erroneous perception

True inner healing happens instantly, the moment you are fully willing to lay down your weapons of judgement and guilt

Healing happens instantly once judgement is surrendered

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