06 Feb 2021

[8] How to Break Free from the Ego

The Matrix is the programs of my egoic conditioning which I have been unconsciously enslaved to

The Matrix is a system of automated triggers which cause me to perceive, think, and react in ways that, at my core, I don’t truly want to

The awareness that I’ve been trapped in a psychic software program called the ego is actually the freedom from it

  • The moment I am aware of it, the program loses it’s influence because it is dependent on my unconscious belief in order to sustain itself
  • The ego fights to keep me in an unconscious state


  1. Answer the call
    • Question my reality, look past the surface layer and become suspicious of the world as I know it
    • The call is from my higher self
    • It is the destiny of the human race to achieve enlightenment collectively
    • The program always appears in the form of an identity or a belief
  2. Remove the anchor points of the mind connecting me to the matrix
    • The ego thrives on three main anchor points: The body, mind, and memories
    • There is only life itself and I am only life itself pretending to be a person in order to take part in this evolutionary journey
    • Begin to identify what ideas I am believing in about myself
    • The moment I condense an identity, I attach my self worth to it
    • Consciousness can only expand so all I need to do is stay bound to who I am
  3. Don’t be swayed by appearances
    • I must let it all go; fear, doubt, and disbelief. I must free my mind
    • Thoughts only gain influence on me when I take them seriously and dwell on them
    • My freedom is not dependent on achieving a state since I am already free

What does it mean to be Free?

  • I have the ability to choose my preference in every moment without being overwhelmed or overpowered by the programs of the mind
  • Being able to live from my chosen state of being

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