09 Feb 2021

[11] Unwavering Focus

Recalibrating the mind: Evolving perspectives, values, beliefs, and identity within to the point where I have automatic focus on all that is harmonious to what I create

Neville Goddard & Paramahansa Yogananda

I have desires, but first I must understand my desires. My desires determine where my focus goes

In order to have unwavering focus, I must take inventory of the different distractions and the different meaning I give to different people, environment, circumstance, and information that causes me to lose focus

  • Desire has been associated with certain meaning that is inharmonious to the vision that I want to create
  • I can change this meaning around via subconscious programming
  • I can understand my desires, I cannot repress my desires because in some way they will come to surface in an inharmonious way

Focus is mostly governed by my subconscious

  • People who say they cannot focus are consciously unable to focus on what they need to due to their subconscious having a different focus

Neville Goddard

  • With my eyes closed and my physical body immobilized, I induce a state akin to sleep and enter into the action as though I were an actor playing the part
  • I experience in imagination what I would experience in the flesh were I now in possession of my objective
  • Make elsewhere HERE and then NOW. And the greater I, using a larger focus will use all means, and call them good, which tend toward the production of that which I have assumed

I have the power to impress the subconscious mind via the imagination using imaginal acts and affirmations and through practice, I can develop myself to have a greater ability to impress my subconscious mind with the world within versus the external world

  • There are two actual outlooks on the world possessed by everyone — a natural focus and a spiritual focus
  • I may differentiate them as ordinary waking consciousness, governed by my senses and a controlled imagination, governed by desire

There are many aspects to entrepreneurship: Language skills, public speaking skills, selling skills, marketing skills, innovation, operations, leadership, etc.

  • The goal then is to keep my attention on the learning, studying, and doing these things and have that information impress the subconscious mind and that information will go into the other parts of what I imagine as far as the outcome and connect and combine to give me ideas, hunches, and inspirations as I continue down this process from a place of flow

Definiteness of purpose

  • The unconscious ability to link everything to a goal or a definite chief aim or a desire The ability to rewrite meaning of what I experience via five sensory data, rewritten in a way that supports, empowers, uplifts, and projects me forward harmoniously towards my definite chief aim

Man is only limited by weakness of attention and poverty of imagination

The great secrete is a controlled imagination and a well sustained attention, firmly and repeatedly focused on the objective to be accomplished

  • With sustained focus on the objective to be accomplished, reality changes, environments change, behaviors change, emotions change

Men believe in the reality of the external world because they do not know how to focus and condense their powers to penetrate its thin crust. Strangely enough, it is not difficult to penetrate this view of the senses. To remove the veil of the senses, we do not employ great effort; the objective world vanishes as we turn our attention from it. We have only to concentrate on the state desired to mentally see it; but to give reality to it so that it will become an objective fact, we must focus our attention upon the desired state until it as all the sensory vividness and feeling of reality

Paramahansa Yogananda

  • Every action requires a certain amount of concentration, and no effective action can be performed without deep concentration
  • I must know the art of focusing all the powers of attention upon a single point in order to succeed in my vocation
  • Concentration denotes first the withdrawal of the attention from objects of distraction and then focusing of that recalled attention upon one thing at a time When the attention is freed from minor distractions, it may be directed to act positively by focusing its rays on any kind of problem
  • When the attention is freed from minor distractions, it may be directed to act positively by focusing its rays on any kind of problem
  • Intuition and super-consciousness are the same. Superconscious visions occur when the soul uses its intuition plus the energy accumulated in the brain to focus its thoughts upon certain actual experiences and then materialize them
  • As the rays of the sun can be focused through a magnifying glass, causing intense heat that will kindle a fire, so can the rays of the attention be focused through a mind that is cleared of distractions
  • I must gain wisdom as I strengthen my will. I must be wise enough to focus my mind upon good things while I am standing beneath the almighty wishing tree of my will, and to be careful that I do not concentrate upon fears, failures, diseases, ignorance, and lack of God-communion. They might suddenly loom out of the unseen and cause me unending troubles

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