10 Feb 2021

[12] Social Memory Complex

We must evolve

2 polarities in the universe to which consciousness can evolve: The positive polarity and the negative polarity

The Social memory complex (SMC) occurs in both densities beginning in the fourth density, although the functionality of the complex differs dramatically between the two polarities

  • Most SMC’s are of the positive polarity due to the simpler nature within the service to others path
    • It’s simpler because of the orientation towards love and unity and functioning without a hierarchy or a power structure within the group

As a planetary civilization evolves, the increasing density of light allows for higher abilities in consciousness to evolve. A harmonious society that has eradicated all major world issues can divert their energies towards things like science, metaphysics, and expanding consciousness. Eventually, mind to mind communication allows for thoughts and memories to be shared and as more entities join the group mind, the civilization eventually becomes a SMC, where every member within the group becomes a kind of walking library, no longer functioning as an individual consciousness, but as an extension of the group mind

Having access to all thoughts and memories of every being within the group creates an overwhelming awareness of oneness

  • Individuality is still retained, although it is no longer a limitation
  • I must choose now to heal my separation from others
  • I must choose to transcend egoic consciousness and step into the fourth density consciousness of love and unity
  • The world does not need to be saved for us. The world needs to be saved by us, for us

I must prioritize my own spiritual healing and evolution above all else

I am the light of my world, so my world is as bright as the love that I give it. When I cleanse myself of distortions, I allow more of the love and the light of the one infinite creator to shine through me. The more light that shines through me, the more light that shines through the world. My healing is the world’s healing

I am Ra. We may note at this point while you ponder the possibility/possibility vortices that although you have many, many which cause distress and thus offer seeking and service opportunities, there is always some container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy. This vortex may be very small, but to turn one’s back upon it is to forget the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible. – Ra session 65.12

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