22 Feb 2021

[24] Think and Grow Rich Chp 11,12

Napoleon Hill

Chapter Chapter 11: The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

  • The meaning of the word “transmute” is, in simple language, the “changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another.”
    • The emotion of sex brings into being a state of mind
    • Because of ignorance on the subject, the state of mind is generally associated with the physical, and because of improper influences, to which most people have been subjected, in acquiring knowledge of sex, things essentially physical have highly biased the mind
  • Sex transmutation is simple and easily explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature
  • Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, I develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times
    • So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge in it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches
  • The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power, to be sure, but the reward is worth the effort. The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, it will seek outlets through purely physical channels
    • Not having these outlets will distract me and take time away from my definite chief aim. I may even be set back and feel frustrated
  • A sex-mad man is not essentially different than a dope-mad man! Both have lost control over their faculties of reason and will-power. Sexual overindulgence may not only destroy reason and will-power, but it may also lead to either temporary, or permanent insanity. Many cases of hypochondria (imaginary illness) grow out of habits developed in ignorance of the true function of sex
  • Love, Romance, and Sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement. Love is the emotion which serves ass a safety valve, and insures balance, poise, and constructive effort. When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius

Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind

  • The Subconscious Mind consists of a field of consciousness, in which every impulse of thought that reaches the objective mind through any of the five senses, is classified and recorded, and from which thoughts may be recalled or withdrawn as letter may be taken from a filing cabinet
  • It receives, and files, sense impressions or thoughts, regardless of their nature. I may Voluntarily plant in my subconscious mind any plan, thought, or purpose which I desire to translate into its physical or monetary equivalent. The subconscious acts first on the dominating desires which have been mixed with emotional feelings, such as faith
  • The subconscious mind works day and night. Through a method of procedure, unknown to man, the subconscious mind draws upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes my desires into their physical equivalent, making use, always of the most practical media by which this end may be accomplished
  • After I have accepted, as a reality, the existence of the subconscious mind, and understand its possibilities, as a medium for transmuting my Desires into their physical or monetary equivalent, I will comprehend the full significance of the instructions given in the chapter on Desire. I will also understand why I have been repeatedly admonished to make my desires clear, and to reduce them to writing. I will also understand the persistence in carrying out instructions
  • The subconscious mind will not remain idle! It I fail to plant Desires in my subconscious mind, it will feed upon the thoughts which reach it as the result of my neglect
    • The subconscious mind is more susceptible to influence by impulses of thought mixed with “feeling” or emotion, than by those originating solely in the reason portion of the mind. In fact, there is much evidence to support the theory, that Only emotionalized thoughts have any Action influence upon the subconscious mind
  • The six major positive emotions
    1. Desire
    2. Faith
    3. Sex
    4. Enthusiasm
    5. Romance
    6. Hope
  • The major negative emotions (to be avoided)
    1. Fear
    2. Jealousy
    3. Hatred
    4. Revenge
    5. Greed
    6. Superstition
    7. Anger
  • Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must dominate. It is my responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of my mind. Here, the law of Habit will come to my aid. Form the habit of applying and using the positive emotions! Eventually, they will dominate my mind so completely, that the negative ones cannot enter it
  • The method by which I may communicate with Infinite Intelligence is very similar to that through which the vibration of sound is communicated by radio. If I understand the working principle of radio, I of courses, know that sound cannot be communicated through the ether until it has been “stepped up,” or changed into a rate of vibration which the human ear cannot detect
    • The radio sending the station picks up the sound of the human voice, and “scrambles,” or modifies it by stepping up the vibration millions of times. Only in this way, can the vibration of sound be communicated through the ether
    • After this transformation has taken place, the ether “picks up” the energy (which originally was in the form of vibrations of sound), carries that energy to radio receiving stations, and these receiving sets “step” that energy back down to its original rate of vibration so it is recognized as sound

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