26 Feb 2021

[28] How to Tune your “Inner Voice” to “Infinite Intelligence”

Joseph Rodrigues


  • I ask “Who am I really?” Upon reflection, I realize that the self-image or who I am may or may not be in alignment with who I really want to be. I then form this concept called “Higher-self.” This higher self represents who I aspire to be: My true self. This is revealed to me through inner voice; hunches, inspirations, visions, or conversations with myself
  • As I live more as the higher self, I realize that there’s a lot of programming that may exist within me that denies this higher self when I find joy, happiness, and fulfillment when I live as my higher self
    • My self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance increases
    • Love, confidence, and acceptance also increases as far as I interpret five sensory data
    • I discover certain purposes: Definite chief aims
    • I realize that I always had the power within myself to create whatever success that I want
    • I receive greater visions or conversations with my higher self via my inner voice
    • Certain hunches, inspirations, and plans are revealed to me to create as a result of my inner conversation: a conversation with Infinite Intelligence
  • I recognize that Infinite Intelligence is infinite and as I do so, it expands. Then, it continuously evolves as I evolve
    • This all happens via my inner voice and the conversations I have with my higher self
    • As I live my higher self, I evolve in a deeper relationship and conversation with Infinite Intelligence

3 Important Lessons

  1. Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. It is through my creative imagination where hunches, inspirations are received as voice, image or other sensory stimulus. It is by this process where opportunities and resources are revealed to me
  2. While in “flow,” Infinite Intelligence hands over the plan at the right time. This is also known as living in the image of my “higher self” as I am part of a bigger plan
    • “Flow” is act of faith and will keep me alert. When plans or ideas appear via my “inner voice,” put them into action immediately. Sometimes the plans are complete and sometimes they are given as the first step
    • When the plans appear, they will “flash” into my mind through the sixth sense, in the form of an “inspiration.” This inspiration may be considered a direct “download,” or message from Infinite Intelligence via my inner voice. Treat this plan as sacred and with unconditional love by acting upon it
  3. Through the unknown ways of Infinite Intelligence, my subconscious mind draws upon the visible and invisible forces to leverage the most practical resources available in the form of thought, emotional, action or environment
    • Deliberate “inspired” action may be required in the beginning and through constant alignment with my “higher self,” my body will appear to move automatically as awareness and action become one

Inner Voice Attunement

  • Fundamentally, this is done by releasing disempowering programming, beliefs, and assumptions that I have about myself, others, information, circumstance, and environment
  • Through identifying and releasing these elements, I build a higher degree of self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence which facilitates my inner-voice connection
  • Speaks of abundance of opportunity and resources available and how to combine them as contribution to my definite chief aim
    • The inner conversation of how that will be revealed to me via my inner voice and conversation with the infinite intelligence
  • Teaches how to accept myself so that I make peace with people, environment, circumstance and information in my life
    • The outer world is a reflection of my inner world, so how I interpret others, environment, circumstances, and information is how I interpret myself
  • Guides us to speak and express my truth through my higher-self based creative expression
    • I have a purpose. I am in the journey of realizing and affirming my higher self onto my subconscious mind and living from that perspective. Through this, I will find my own contribution in service to others, called creative expression
  • Helps to transmute the meaning of five sensory data into affirmations in relation to my definite chief aim
    • Beliefs and assumptions are not static. I can evolve the meaning. This is done through conversations with infinite intelligence
  • Teaches me how to affirm my own abundance through allowing others to have their own in the spirit of harmony
    • I get what I want by contributing: Being in service to others
  • Teaches me how to learn and be inspired by others
    • When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And vice versa
  • Teaches me how to express my power without trying to take it from anyone else
    • The spirit of harmony is one with infinite intelligence because it’s infinite, so why would it need to be anything less than
  • Teaching me how to remain in the present moment and not relive past aspects that are not in harmony with my higher self
    • The journey is as important as the destination. They are one. All is one. I create polarity so I can understand. When I am in flow, I see it as one. I value my successes. I aim for success. I also value and enjoy the journey. This is called being present in the moment. This results in a higher degree of self-acceptance, confidence, and faith which further facilitates and tunes myself to the connection of Infinite Intelligence
  • Guides into harmony of polarity to what is related to my higher self
    • Everything has polarity. There is no absolute, truth is constantly realizing
  • Guides me into the feeling of completeness and knowingness that I am perfect right now and I always do my best
    • This helps release from shame and make peace with my past
  • Teaches me to believe in my decisions as affirmation
  • Brings to conscious awareness to what is within my subconscious mind
  • Guides me to build and create in reality as a service to others in collaboration with others who are realizing and living their “higher self”
    • Once I accept and affirm my higher self over time, I notice a desire to be around others and information that aligns me with my higher self, connects me to my inner voice, and builds my unique relationship with infinite intelligence
  • Guides me to see through any chaos or confusion
    • This is a realization journey, so my relationship with Infinite Intelligence and my inner voice becomes clearer and when I see chaos or confusion, I am able to have a conversation with myself via inner voice and find out how I can raise above the chaos and things will start to make even more sense
  • Facilitates a deeper empathetic connection with all beings as a grand mastermind, in the spirit of harmony
  • When I am aligned with my higher self, I notice that all people, circumstance, environment, and information are in contribution. The grand mastermind becomes apparent to my definite chief aim. More people, more circumstances, and more reflections in the outer world serve me. More opportunities show up. I will have a hunch or inspiration to move in a certain direction that will lead me to an opportunity or resource or end result

As I evolve, so will where my attention goes to be more so in harmony and in alignment with what I want to create

  • I can operate from a place of focus or distraction. I want unwavering focus which is aligned with my higher self

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