01 Mar 2021

[31] How to Make Our Mental Pictures Come True

George Schubel

I want to consciously work with my imagination; consciously stimulate by asking the question “Why I want what I want,” and use that to further visualize and dimensionalize my experience

  • I have reference experiences of different attributes that relate to what I desire to bring fort
    • I use those attributes in my visualization as I start to notice to the degree that I do this the outer world five sensory experience, behaviors, and so forth rearranging to reflect
  • This becomes an ongoing journey that I continue all the way till what I desire to see brought forth is brought forth

Preparing my Thought-Object for Reproduction

  • I have confidently selected a certain definite mental object which by mean so this method of deliberate visualizing has become the object of my heart’s desire
  • My formulating faculties have been at work specializing and differentiating my desire, it has been placed in the current of my objective thinking, and now has taken shape as an object of thought in the photographic studio of my objective mind
    • I have an idea right now, to start a business and make a certain amount of money
  • Seating myself in a comfortable arm-chair which will permit the greatest possible relaxation, or reclining on a couch, or lying in bed, I begin my practical work by bringing the object of my heart’s desire
    • My first consideration is the quiet, darkened room in some part of the house. This room will serve every mental purpose which I have covered in my preliminary studies- studio, dark chamber and developing room
    • I remember that if such a room is not available, then my work can be carried on at night in bed just as effectively
  • I recall the fact that this action of the will requires as little strenuous effort as does the photographer in placing his object in a position where he can photograph it to the best advantage
    • In fact, if the object is truly desired, then it is uppermost in my mind and in that position soon makes its presence felt in my consciousness without any effort on my part

Pouring Light upon my Thought-Object

  • Moved by the gentle heat generated by my thinking, my mechanical faculties, the mechanical apparatus of the mind, which I have termed my mental camera, imperceptibly glides into action, and in this same instant, sitting in my darkened room, I behold the objects not outwardly but inwardly
  • Seeing my thought-object in reflection
    • I am seeing my objects now, not directly, but by means of the single inner mental eye of the mind’s camera which has caught up, collected and transmitted the rays of my illumined thinking into the illumining chamber of my consciousness. I behond my objects there and study them by means of reflection
  • Pouring more mental light upon my thought
    • What are the different experiences that I would have on the journey to the fulfillment of that particular experience that I want to see brought forth. Where can I go, what can I experience, who can I talk to, that will allow me to have some of those experiences. And have those experiences because by having those experiences, I then have a concrete reference structure to those experiences. Then, when I imagine and visualize those experiences in my mind’s eye, then what I’ll find is that I’ll have a deeper connection with it because I will also have an association to the feeling of experience
    • Then to, I must be familiar, by means of outward observation and experience, with the things which relate themselves to my inner picture
  • If my thought of two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a vague one, then before I try to see it clearly in mind, I must go to the bank and ask the teller to show me two-thousand five-hundred one hundred dollar bills, which I study carefully, and in this way, I get “more light” upon the money; I am able to see it mentally more clearly
    • So with the business enterprise. If it is an automobile business I have in mind, I visit automobile factories and observe the method of building an automobile
    • So with the home. I visit the homes of my friends, I become acquainted with the various kinds of architecture, the kinds of brick and timber, the arrangement of rooms and every other detail which will help to “throw light” upon the thought of the home which I am contemplating now
  • However, there is yet a finer, rarer light of understanding which I will now apply; an “enlightenment” which will make my reflected thought of money, business and home ever so much more clear for impressive purposes, and which will bring me ever so much more positive results
    • I stimulate this finer light of understanding when in my contemplation, I ask myself “Why do I want the two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the business, the car”, and when I answer this question from the inner spiritual source of all-light of my being, I bring a flood of illumination upon my projected thought
    • I now begin to see my thought about the money, the business, the car in an “entirely different light,” as I say
  • I see now that it is not the thing which I want but rather that which the thing symbolizes. It is not the outer object but the inner object which I am in the process of bringing forth
    • What is this inner object or purpose? It is not the money but the power which money symbolizes; it is not the business but the means it provides me for extending my good will to others, and for providing happiness to those whom I love; it is not the home, the building of brick or timber, but the comfort the peace, the love, the joy, the domestic felicity, the shelter and protection which a home represents or should represent
    • The more I see my object in this light of spiritual understanding, the more inspired I become, and this inspired thinking provides the radiant and luminous mental light where- by my object becomes crystal clear to me
  • Establishing my correct viewpoint
    • Unless of an unusually spiritually endowed or instructed mind, I would have viewed my purpose in securing two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or a business, or a home, as the average mind these things. I would have viewed them simply as things
    • In the manner that my money represents power, so, as I have already seen, my business represents service, and other mental values; and in like manner my home symbolizes comfort, shelter, love, protection, and those other qualities which I usually associate with the thought of home
    • In a word, I now see these so-called things reflected in my mind not simply as things, but as the very underlying understanding of my being, formed, and projected and ready to be brought forth into my outward lives my understanding-light has shaped itself into the forms of money, business and home, and this understanding-light is made up of the prismatic qualities or causes which in this way become embodiments of power, service, and good-will, protection, love, comfort, harmony, peace, and joy in us and through us. Taking this viewpoint I need have no more concern with the impressiveness of my object and its power to reproduce itself

Focusing upon my Imagined Thought

  • I have said that concentration upon one single object of thought does not mean necessarily that my thought must be comprised of only one thing; it may take in a number of things so long as they are directly related and serve to make a complete picture, and this is so in the instance of the career which I am outpicturing
  • With proper light and a right viewpoint toward my thought, I focus my whole attention upon it, bearing in mind that I am now focusing not on the two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the business and home, but upon the qualities of joy, love, protection, peace and happiness of which these mental objects are merely symbols
  • Let me also bear in mind that this concentration does not imply a tension or strained effort of the will, but rather an easy and pleasant exercise
  • What I aim to avoid now is the intrusion of any vagrant thoughts which may and will seek to enter within the magic circle where my one definite thought is held
  • I must allow no fear thought, no opposing thought, no worry-thoughts, no alien thought of any kind to enter through my mental-camera eye, but rather must I keep my eye single to the one true thought of my career

Impressing my Imagined Thought

  • I have seen that my money, or business, or home is good for me to have and in the moment in which I truly acknowledge and recognize this fact mentally my thought will become an impressive one
    • It will make its impression upon us in the finest and most definite way possible
  • The shutter of the mind is voluntary and momentarily lifted, the full light of my understanding move into and impresses itself upon the sensitized film of my subjective thinking; it takes on the qualities of this subjective thinking and becomes en-filmed and sealed in the subjective; undergoing a silent, invisible inner development, or reduction on this way toward ultimate matter, and however infinitely inconceivable this reduction is, I can say that it is now becoming a more dense form than the pure form of mental light was before impression
    • I am now ready to follow my imagined thought in the next stage of its outward development

My Thought Impression in Solution

  • Resting in my passive or subjective attitude, a great calm comes over me at this moment; a great feeling of assurance and peace, and in most instances I fall into a restful, natural sleep
    • That is as it should be. In the few moments in which the transference has occurred, the outer faculties have performed their function. The inner subjective and subconscious phase of mind is now at work and further formulation of my mental picture of the money, the business and the home, has begun
  • My objective attitude of mind from this point on becomes, as I know, simply one of cooperation, and this cooperation is exemplified best when my thinking and acting in all my daily outward affairs is directed continually in ways which will facilitate the development of my thought
    • I must have an understanding faith in the outcome of my developing picture; I must henceforth be true and loyal to the subjective forces working for me; I must be mentally alert ot heir direction; I must be patient,; I must help by “getting into the spirit” of my picture; I must love it, as it were, into existence
    • But separate from this I know that a movement of the underlying natural forces of this substance of my subconscious thinking or mind-solution now has been started in motion, carrying my projected understanding or thought with them, not only to the very depths of my own individualized subconsciousness but to all other minds which are for the moment subjectively conditioned to my thinking, until my thought is carried out and submerged into the very ocean of universal sub-sense-consciousness, attracting unto itself not only other thoughts, but taking hold on the subsense side of all those things, circumstances, conditions, and persons who are to be part of its outward fulfillment

Reviewing my Developing Picture from Time to Time

  • The whole mental-mechanical and, to an extend, the mental-chemical process connected with the visualization of my career, has perhaps taken from ten to thirty minutes of quiet contemplation and reflection in my “silent room,” depending upon the time which I have taken to get comfortably settled, and to concentrate upon my object
  • In these moments, I mentally lift my enfilmed-thought of my career from its subjective bath, and quietly meditate upon it and review its progress subjectively, always remembering, however, that my examination of my mental picture is possible at any time and anywhere. If I am true to my picture, I will find myself doing this, as I said before, without being consciously aware of the fact
  • Watching for outward indications
    • Unexpected persons, perhaps from a distance, having affinity or subjective kinship to my thought of money, business and home, now come to me in a seemingly miraculous manner
    • Seemingly trifling bits of information drift into my daily affairs, causal words are said, books are loaned to me, letters are received, and a hundred and one incidents of alike kind transpire, which manifest solely for the purpose of becoming a part of my forming picture

Strengthening my Developing Thought

  • So with the business which I am developing mentally. If it is an automobile business, then I want to know how it “feels” to handle a prospective customer, and so I talk to my friends and try to sell them a machine; I wax enthusiastic about the car to such a point where my friends will almost be ready to buy the automobile on the strength of what I say
    • I can, if I choose, offer my services to some sales concern without charge, if necessary, and in this way I not only “feel” my way into the business, but I get “into the spirit” of the “selling game” as it is called
    • In doing this, I must feel the happiness, the joy, and the interest of selling; I must feel that selling automobiles, or whatever other outward form my business is to take, is the one thing which I have wanted to do all my life, and this means that I love it
  • Let me remember always that my career is formulating, specializing, and providing expression for itself not only through the brain of us but through the heart of us also; so that- I am introducing into my formula now, not only the elements of interest, joy and gladness, but the element of love, the element which, charged into subconsciousness, contains not only the warmth but the mothering and nurturing qualities as well
    • The more of this element of love for my career which I can continually pour into the solution of my subconsciousness, the more responsive, giving, and yielding its forming substance will be to my attracting thought which is taking shape in it, and the more fixed and permanent will the outcome be, for this is the power and nature of love

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