04 Mar 2021

[34] Turning Mind into Matter

The Power of Faith and Belief


  • Belief
    • An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists
  • Faith
    • Complete trust or confidence in something
  • You Are The Placebo – Dr. Joe Dispenza
    • What is faith but when I believe in thought more than anything else? Isn’t it when I accept a thought- independent of the conditions in my environment- and then surrender to the outcome to such a degree that I live as if my prayers were already answered? Sounds like a formula for the placebo. I’ve always been the placebo
    • Maybe it’s not so important that I pray rigorously every day to have my prayers answered, but that I instead get up from my meditations as if my prayers have already been answered
    • If I accomplish this daily, I am at a level of mind where I’m truly living in the unknown and expecting the unexpected. And this is when the mysterious knocks on my door

Belief (Reference Experience)

  • What others have went through in the past that I can relate to Now
  • What I experience in the past that I can relate to Now
  • 3 kinds of beliefs
  • Relationship based beliefs: Is it true for me? Beliefs can be true to others, but not true to me
    • Acceptance based beliefs: Being unnecessarily attached to certain “Outer world” elements can lead to resistance. As attachment is released, things, people, or conditions come to me without resistance. This is unconditional love, “Acceptance”
    • “Letting go” based beliefs: Does it awaken Flow and Love? A mind riddled with unnecessary mental chatter can lead me into unnecessary complexity and convolution in relation to my goals. This leaves me feeling drained, empty, and exhausted

Faith (Loyalty to the Unseen Reality)

  • All things already exist and thus creation is already finished
  • Faith brings me into awareness of how it is so. Faith works with the unconscious
    • I feel myself there until it becomes natural Questions: What causes me to feel that way?
  • NLP Sub modalities + Asking myself, would “imply” that it is so (Law of Assumption)
    • Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory
    • 4 Modalities: Self-talk (Inner), Imagination (Inner), Videos/Audios (Inner/Outer), Environment (Outer)

Harmonizing Beliefs and Faith into the Ideal state of mind

  • I must recognize that the subconscious mind accepts all suggestions; it does not argue with me
  • (Mental Chatter) Via Belief and Faith I bring myself into a deeper intuitive understanding, transcending above overthinking which can lead to “doubt.”

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