05 Mar 2021

[35] Law of Assumption Deep Dive

Neville Goddard

The Law of Assumption deeply reflected upon


  • That I may not be misunderstood, let me again lay the foundation of this principle
    • Consciousness is the one and only reality
    • I am incapable of seeing other than the contents of my own consciousness
  • I see this journey as my own creation and I realize that I am the one that is interpreting it
  • Realize that so much interpretation is subconscious
  • Creation is finished and I have free will to choose the state I will occupy
    • Therefore, it is important to determine the ideas from which I think
  • Whether my assumptions are conscious or unconscious, they direct all action to their fulfillment (My word is my word)
    • I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times – Bruce Lee
    • Mathew 8:13 “Go! Let it be done just ass you believed it would.” And his servant was healed at that moment

Purification of mind (Harmonious Assumptions)

  • As soon as man assumes the feeling of his wish fulfilled, his fourth-dimensional Self finds ways for the attainment of this end, discovers methods for tis realization
  • Feed the mind with premises — that is, assertions presumed to be true, because assumptions, though false, if persisted in until they have the feeling of reality, will harden into fact
  • I can, by changing my concept of self, interfere with my future and mold it in harmony with my changed concept of Self
  • Assumptions and Assumptions about assumptions
    • I need to do X to get Y
    • I don’t need to do X to get Y
    • I pick if I want to do X or not, to get Y because I know what works for me
    • If X brings forth Y, upon consistent use of X to get Y, then X works for me

Assuming Love in Consciousness

  • When I speak of feeling I do not mean emotion, but acceptance of the fact that the desire is fulfilled. Feeling grateful, fulfilled, or thankful, it is easy to say, “Thank you,” “Isn’t it wonderful!” or “It is finished.”
    • When I get into the state of thankfulness, I can either awaken knowing it is done, or fall asleep in the feeling of the wish fulfilled

What is my technique of prayer?

  • It starts with desire, for desire is the mainspring of action. I must know and define my objective, then condenses it into a sensation which implies fulfillment
    • When my desire is clearly defined, immobilize my physical body and experience, in my imagination, the action which implies its fulfillment
    • Repeat this act over and over again until it has the vividness and feeling of reality
  • Or, condense my desire into a single phrase that implies fulfillment, such as, “Thank you Father,” “Isn’t it wonderful,” or “It is finished.”
    • Repeat that condensed phrase, or action in my imagination over and over again. Then either awaken that state, or slip off into the deep. It does not matter for the act is done when I completely accept it as being finished in that sleepy drowsy state

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