10 Mar 2021

[40] How to Listen to your “Inner Voice”

Speak with your Higher Self


  • Lacking a connection with my inner self can make me feel overwhelmed by complexity. It is easy to become overwhelmed in our world if I cannot differentiate what is valuable and resident to me and applicable to my definite chief aim
  • I need not seek out more information than what is necessary since the inner voice is one of simplicity, flow, harmony, and in alignment with bringing forth my definite chief aim

Commit to evolving my Self-Esteem

  • The Practice of Living Consciously
    • Most of who I am is subconscious
    • My beliefs and assumptions create my reality, some of these beliefs and assumptions are created by my programming
    • My programming may be influenced by the opinions of others, and others opinions of my journey based may be right to them, but with infinite ways of bringing forth my definite chief aim there is no reason to deter myself by focusing away from my inner voice and towards the opinions of others
  • The Practice of Self-Acceptance
    • I do not see myself as less-than and I realize my true greatness through two fundamental ways: Reflection and affirmation of the greatness within me
    • These two methods change the programming of my subconscious mind and evolve it to higher degrees of self-acceptance
    • Or I can simply create success so I can truly know it is possible
  • The Practice of Self-Responsibility
    • Take responsibility for everything that happens to me in my life
    • From this day on I am taking responsibility for all of the information that I take in that is impressing my subconscious mind
  • The Practice of Self-Assertiveness
    • This is not force or controlling, but rather asserting that this is the type of life that I want to live
    • I choose a definite chief aim and an ideal way I want to live, knowing that I am receiving this information from my higher-self to live that way and it is for me to live that way
    • My assertiveness is to honor this and see it all the way till completion and make that the priority
  • The Practice of Living Purposefully
    • Purpose is having a definite chief aim and knowing what I want in life
    • Along the journey I gain higher degrees of clarity, so I may start small and use this as a guide to create success as a framework
  • The Practice of Personal Integrity
    • Spirit of harmony
    • Benefits for me, others, divine, and evolution to continuously evolve to higher degrees of integrity
    • Where my thoughts, emotions, and actions are one
    • I live in integrity by choosing people, environment, circumstance, and information that is of the highest level of integrity

Find and live in my “Flow”

  • Set a clear goal in part and in whole. (Compass)
    • My goal is to see the goal and to see the journey as blissful as the destination
    • I do this by facilitating flow through incremental increases in challenge along the journey
    • I cannot choose environments that are overwhelming and stressful because I want to create and live in flow
  • Tune into immediate reporting and feedback (Inner voice starts communicating)
    • This is where my inner voice starts communicating with me
  • Maintain the balance between challenge and skill
    • I will rise up to the challenge and develop the skill in real time
    • The skill is given to me through hunches and inspirations using flow to facilitate the connection with my from my inner voice
    • I choose the environments that are in alignment with my “flow”
    • Some challenging environments can develop me
    • If an environment is too challenging, I can experience a downward spiral
  • Mind calibrators
    • Accepting vs Rejecting
    • Allowing vs Controlling
    • Approving vs Critical
    • Authoritative vs Dogmatic
    • Balanced vs Extreme
    • Confident vs Arrogant
    • Diplomatic vs Deceptive
    • Flexible vs Rigid
    • Forgiving vs Resenting
    • Liberating vs Restricting
    • Optimistic vs Pessimistic
    • Orderly vs Confused
    • Respectful vs Demeaning
  • Observe how my actions and awareness become one
  • Distractions will automatically be excluded of consciousness
  • Fear tapers away
    • Fear of poverty
    • Fear of criticism
    • Fear of ill health
    • Fear of loss of love of someone
    • Fear of old age
    • Fear of death
  • Self-consciousness disappears, self-esteem and self-confidence increases
  • Time is distorted as a person begins to transcend the traditional meaning of time

The activity and person becomes autotelic

  • Energy level 500: Love
    • Eventually, I just become love. Everything I do and say, every movement I make, is energized by the lovingness that I have owned within myself
    • Whether speaking to a large audience or petting the dog, the energy of love is felt to be pouring out
    • I want to share what I hold in the heart as an experiential knowingness, and I hold it in the heart for everyone and everything, that they would be feeling it, too.
    • Intuitive understanding progressively replaces “thinkingness,” which begins to disappear. Over time, “thinkingness” and its mental processes are replaced by spontaneous, intuitive “knowingness.”
    • Everything happens effortlessly by synchronicity
  • Energy level 600: Peace
    • The hallmark of this level is desirelessness. There is no need to want for anything because everything manifests in my life spontaneously and automatically, without conscious will or effort. Thoughts held in mind at this level are very powerful and tend ot manifest rapidly
    • The phenomenon of synchronicity is continuous. The mechanisms of cause and effect and the inner working of the universe stand forth clearly revealed, as I am now witnessing the very basis of Reality itself
    • These very high states of awareness happen spontaneously and unexpectedly, and they tend to recur and stay for longer and longer durations. Once this has been experienced, my intention automatically becomes to make the state of peace permanent

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