13 Mar 2021

[43] How to “Let Go” and Find “Inner Peace”

In Relation to my Goals/Vision/Success

Different circumstances and experiences can show up on the journey. I create an emotional attachment to these aspects which appear to bind me there, bring me to a place of stagnation, anger, frustration, and stress. I want to learn how to let go, in the inner world, the meaning that I give to those experiences to create inner peace surrounding that aspect. As a result, I find the relevant pathway, the step forward. Release the stress and frustration about the circumstance and continue moving forward to creating what I desire from a place of flow, bliss, joy, and ease

Be present and enjoy each moment

  • All that really exists is this particular moment
  • The mind, when overly active, is constantly living in the future or in the past. Observe if this is happening by watching for tension and how I feel about whatever shows up
    • When the mind is “stuck” in the past or future, I find myself in disharmony with my being. I tend to forget the present moment is all that actually exists
    • I can remove myself from an environment, change the environment, or accept the environment

Keep my mind lightheartedly engaged

  • Build a heart-and-mind relationship. The heart desires and the mind creates
    • My mind is akin to a tool that I use to create reality. I am to direct it and not allow it to direct me. This is also known in today’s world as letting the “ego” mind run the show
    • I am beyond my mind. I use it to create what the heart desires. They can communicate with each other via imagination or “inner voice.”
    • I want my mind to be part of the flow and not trying to control the flow
    • It is the emotion that I associate with the outer world that can cause emotional turmoil

Understand that the outer world is only “suggesting” the meaning

  • This may be difficult to understand if I am overly identified with my ego and only seeing it from my own perspective, like seeing the world as a threat when there isn’t a threat that exists on the journey to creating what I desire, but rather a suggestion that is interpreted as a threat from the world within
    • Unnecessarily needing approval or seeing validation can evoke emotions based on suggestions from the outer world
    • When I relinquish or let go of an emotion, I “let go” of the related thoughts
    • Understand and choose accordingly
    • Visions of the “ideal” recalibrate the mind back into my vision and bring clarity to the present

Allow myself to be who I am

  • At the end of the day, this isn’t just about creating what I desire, but it’s creating what I desire from the way that I desire to create it, which is being who I am
    • I have a self-image and a higher-self, otherwise referred to as the vision of who I am becoming. This is an aspect, or self-image, that I have of the future version of myself that I aspire to move towards and as a result of being that individual or affirming that aspect of myself, I begin to have in-harmony based thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in relation to what I desire to create
    • Accept and then act. This will allow me to work with it and not against it. This will allow me to turn the obstacle into an opportunity

Assume the affirmation in experiences

  • Reality is an externalization of consciousness and it is based on certain affirmations or experiences which are a form of affirmations that affirm reality to be a certain way from my own personal interpretation
  • I have the ability to see what shows up, circumstances and experiences, and release from the identification in which I have mental rigidity towards it, grip it psychologically, and experience stress and frustration by evolving the meaning of that particular aspect to one of affirmation and contribution
    • Sometimes my tasks related to my goal and my vision can take my attention away from the present moment which has all my power
    • Pause and reflect on how different aspects within my awareness contribute to my goal and vision
  • Questions to ask
    • How can I adapt and enjoy, to release from mental rigidity?
    • How can I step outside from my own perspective and see it from another?
    • How can I take myself less seriously and be lighthearted about it?

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