14 Mar 2021

[44] 7 Secrets from the Subconscious Mind in relation to your Vision

Elusive obvious of Success

Screen of space (Five sensory world)

  • Future is also experienced by habitual thinking and visual imagery. The subconscious mind reproduces these mental impressions and acceptances
    • The habitual thinking and visual imagery that I hold in my mind right now represents itself as future outcomes
    • The subconscious mind expresses on the screen of space what is accepted as “It is done.”
    • Through certain subconscious externalizations, I rise up in attitude of mind into full acceptance of my desired outcome. This is both the mind and screen of space rearranging
  • Prior to consuming information, allow my desire to fuel my intent and externalize as the answer to what I am looking for. The information will represent the question I ask
    • I have questions about my journey and the answers are either found within or through the externalization of my own consciousness through people, information, circumstance, or environment
    • The desire that I want to see brought forth can be used as fuel to my intent to soothe my mind that it is already done and it will be brought forth, so I would like some answers
    • I ask for the answers within and then they show up anywhere, as long as I have a harmonious relationship between my conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects of myself
    • Know that I am right now at the highest level of my realization of true self and thus it will be revealed how so
  • Through cause and effect reflection, notice how the screen of space reflects the exact attitude of mind and assumption within
    • There is no time or space limitations to the subconscious mind. There are however my belief assumptions about time and space that I can transcend

Symbolic interpretation (The world within)

  • Many symbols are individualized and thus have different meanings. The interpretation can be found via inner dialogue so it makes sense to me. This further rearranges the mind
  • I have the ability to transcend the knowledge taught through the five sensory world
    • I make consistent progress in my journey and forward moving experience reveals the new affirmations as symbols
    • There is no real need to talk about my associations between inner and outer world, in relation to my vision. The subconscious may inspire me through creative expression
  • The re-affirmation of symbolic (signs/synchronicities) five sensory data fills up consciousness to reflect as people, circumstance, and information
  • There isn’t a need to rush or settle with five sensory data unless I now decide I want to
    • Indecision is the seedling of fear! Remember this, as I read. Indecision crystalizes into doubt, the two blend and become fear! – Napoleon Hill
    • Fear/doubt/indecision can cause me to stay where I am if I let it
    • Feeding the garden of my mind with supporting and affirmative information will exclude certain externalizations on the screen of space that appear to bind me to inner programming within consciousness

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