18 Mar 2021

[48] Money Making Secrets – Educations-based Marketing

Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards by Mr. X

Education Based Marketing

– The cornerstone of my marketing plan (according to Jay) should be to educate my client. I first educate them on my product or service
– Take my customer by the hand
– People need to be explicitly told how to act to obtain my product or service. Therefore, every sales call, letter, commercial, or personal contact should make the case for my product. Give prospects a brief education, then take them by the hand, figuratively speaking, and tell them what specific action to take
– If I’m selling an impulse item, or if the offer is for a limited time, tell my prospect to get in touch with me immediately. And don’t be abstract. If I deal by phone, tell them to pick up the phone and call a specific number
Tell them why
– Whenever I make an offer, ask for a sale, run an add, have a salesperson make a proposition to a customer or prospect, or offer a product or service for sale at a specific price, always tell the reason why
– Why can I sell a product or service at a lower price than my competitor? Is it lower overhead or volume buying? Do I buy odd-lot inventories? Do I not give all the services? Why is my price so good?
– If my price is high, tell the customer or prospect why. Do I offer a product far superior than the norm? Is my product made with demonstrably finer materials? Is my product designed to last or perform 2.5x longer than my competitor?
– Why is my price high? Is it handmade? Is it made twice as durable? Or with 3x the personal stitching or handiwork of some machine-made similar product?
– If my price or the package is an especially appealing value, tell the customer why I’m making this offer. It is because they’re going to order from me for the first time, and it’s an exclusive offer for first-time customers? Or, is it because I got a great purchase on all or part of the components in the package, and I want to pass the savings on? Or, is it because I’m overstocked and I want to get my capital out of slower moving inventory, so I’m willing to sell at a loss?
– Make myself into an expert
– Reposition my company as the source for industry information, as the expert in the industry, and I’ll be amazed at the increase in business that results
– First, do some homework. Read everything I can get my hands on to keep informed on industry trends, developments, and forecasts
– I can have somebody ghostwrite a book or report for me that I disseminate through press releases, trade journals, or have the publication available free to anybody who wants it
– People desperately need to be acknowledged and told that they’re important. Educate them without making them feel stupid, and then direct them to action
– Preemptive advertising
– The first person to tell the public something, even something that every other competitor is doing, if the public doesn’t know anything about it, it sounds like a profound revelation
– I talk about what I do as a business, what is my story, and how I came to be
– People don’t appreciate what I do for them unless I articulate it
– Components
– Describe in detail the components, construction, method, or process that goes into the creation or manufacturing of my product
– Spotlight all the unique advantages or characteristics of my product or service compared to my competitors, such as expectancy, warranty, service policy, cost, craftsmanship, money savings, etc.
– Compare the performance or useful life of my product against my competitor’s. If the case for mine, on a dollar-cost basis, is superior, say so
– Use testimonials
– Describe the problems they will avoid if they buy my product
– Use all the benefits and advantages of my product or service
– Point out any prestige or status value for the purchaser
– Advocate the selection of my product over the competition, but offer solid reasons why my product is superior on a cost, value, construction, or performance basis

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