19 Mar 2021

[49] Dwelling In and From the End

Neville Goddard

4D Inner Dialogue and Affirmations

– Conscious reflection and conscious use of the two gifts that are speech and mind
– One technique, sometimes referred to as the word, path, or way, is found primarily via my inner conversations
– What I am reflecting upon in my experiences each day to recognize how the outer world experiences reflect my inner dialogue
– Is it one of accuracy and love, spirit of harmony, benefit for us, others, divine, and evolution
– Or is it in alignment with that can be considered as subconscious inharmonious, meaning the mind is one of mental chatter
– I don’t ask for mental chatter to externalize on the screen of space as experience, however it does
– Whether I am conscious or subconscious of the inner dialogue, it is impressed on the subconscious mind and brought forth
– My goal each day is to be away of the conversations that I am having and bring it into alignment with what I desire to create (what I desire to experience)

Past present and future as now

– Desire is a gift of God
– Man is required to do nothing more than accept the gift by simply giving thanks for the unseen reality before he observes it in his outer world
– Through desire, God beckons me to life my awareness to higher and higher levels of consciousness
– Creation is finished and I have free will to choose the state I will occupy. Choice of what I will focus my attention upon is the only free will that I can exercise
– Once a thought is accepted and charged with feeling, the creative power within proceeds to externalize it
– Whether my assumptions are conscious or unconscious, they direct all action to their fulfillment
– Therefore, it is important to determine the ideas from which I think. Any concept that is accepted as true will externalize itself in my outer world

The unseen as seen (Now)

– It is loyalty to unseen reality that is the secrete of faith. So, when he tells u: “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen,” (Hebrews 11:1) by faith, I understand that the world was created by the Word of God, so that “things seen were made from things that do not appear…”
– As I begin to observe my thoughts, I do not become discouraged if I find that my inner conversations do not match the way I would feel if I have achieved my goal
– I must first become aware of what I am doing with my creative power before I can begin to change it
– As I begin observing my thoughts, I cannot avoid the realization that I alone am the cause of all that comes into my world. I, alone, can change it

Is and isn’t at the same time (Wisdom of Intuition)

– Reading between the lines
– I am telling you the truth. I take my experiences and let my intuition play upon it, then the meaning comes to the surface
– Inner and Outer suggestion
– Each of us is subject to a sea of ideas. I listen to the radio, watch the news on television, or hear some gossip
– Thoughts do not recede into the past
– Rather, they advance into the future to confront us so that I may see that which I have planted, either wisely or unwisely

Robert Dilts Model

– I observe how I am relating to whatever shows up in regards to the vision that I desire to experience
– What I am changing is my concept of myself (identity)
– The moment I affirm that it is done, I select the state, then I dwell in and from that state
– This is done via the gifts of speech and mind
– It is the inner conversations that I have in relation to my five sensory experience (environment), my behaviors (actions), and my capabilities (skills)

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