23 Mar 2021

[53] I am Faith – The Conduit of Imagination

Neville Goddard

The vision

  • What I imagine, that I am. By my imagination, I have created this dream of life, and by my imagination I will re-enter that eternal world of light, becoming that which I am before I imaged the world
  • As soon as I succeed in transforming myself, the world will melt magically before my eyes and reshape itself in harmony with that which my transformation affirms
  • If I have a goal, although it is unseen, it already exists. My normal mortal eye cannot see it, but by rearranging the structure of my mind, and I can see it clearly. If, as the days follow one another, I remain loyal to this unseen reality, and my goal is reached, I will have discovered the mystery of creation
    • The mystery of creation is to be understood in terms of faith, so what is faith? It is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen with the mortal eye. Through faith I understand that the world was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear
    • All things exist, and the mystery of their creation must be understood in terms of faith. But faith does not give reality to that which is unseen. Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality! Only in this sense can the meaning of faith be understood
  • Eternity exists and all things in eternity independent of my creative act. I may continue to build only upon what my mortal eye sees, and perpetuate the same thing over and over again, remaining forever where I am
    • But if I know that all things exist, though unseen at the moment, and I have access to them through my imagination, I can rearrange the pattern of my thinking and change my world by remaining loyal to my unseen construction
    • And when it externalizes itself by becoming a fact that I may share with others, then I will have found the secret of creation, which was an act of faith
    • I must open the in-current eye, because I am going to see inwards into the world of thought, into eternity, that which is ever expanding in the bosom of God–what is it? The human imagination
    • The word incurrent means giving passage to a current that flows inward, such as a sponge when placed in water

Ever-evolving concept of Self (Living in Faith)

  • Humanity is a single being in spite of its many forms and faces, and there is in it only such seeming separation as I find in my own being when I am dreaming
  • It is my conception of myself which frees or constrains me, though it may use material agencies to achieve its purpose
  • However, my ordinary alterations of consciousness, as I pass from one state to another, are not transformations, because each of them is so rapidly succeeded by another in the reverse direction; but whenever one state grows so stable as to definitely expel its rivals, then that central habitual state defines the character and is a true transformation. To say that I am transformed means that ideas previously peripheral in my consciousness now takes a central place and form the habitual center of my energy
  • If I would become as emotionally aroused over my ideals as I become over my dislikes, I would ascend to the plane of my ideals as easily as I now descend to the level of my hates

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