24 Mar 2021

[54] How to Reprogram my Subconscious Mind with “Self Talk”

Neville Goddard

Create a Definite Chief Aim

  • When a man discovers the creative power of inner talking, he will realize his function and his mission in life. Then he can act to a purpose. Without such knowledge, he acts unconsciously
  • Everything is a manifestation of the mental conversations which go on in me without my being aware of them. But as a civilized being, I must become aware of them and act with a purpose

Impress the end result on my Subconscious Mind

  • Imagination plus faith is the stuff of which I make the world. I am told all things were made in this manner

Observe and write down what I react to (Emotional Guidance Scale)

  • Talking to oneself is a habit everyone indulges in. I could no more stop talking to myself than I could stop eating and drinking. All that I can do is control the nature and the direction of my inner conversations. Most of us are totally unaware of the fact that my inner conversations are the causes of the circumstance of our lives

At the end of my day, review the aspects

  • Change my conception of myself and I will automatically change the world in which I live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling me who I am. Revalue myself and they will confirm the change

Reflect on the Robert Dilts Model

  • A man’s mental conversations attracts his life. As long as there is no change in his inner talking, the personal history of the man remains the same
  • To attempt to change the world before I change my inner talking is to struggle against the very nature of things. Man can go round and round in the same circle of disappointments and misfortunes, not seeing them as caused by his own negative inner talking, but as caused by others
    • Vision: What am I part of?
    • Identity: Who am I?
    • Values and Beliefs: What is important?
    • Capabilities: How/What will I learn?
    • Behavior: What will I do differently?
    • Environment: When and where am I?

“Self talk” conversations

  • Speech is the image of mind; therefore, to change my mind, I must first change my speech. By ‘speech’ is meant those mental conversations I carry on with myself
    • Is it the spirit of harmony?
    • Is it easy going and in flow?
    • Is it a personal one on one tone with a good friend?
    • Is it personal and honest to me?
    • Does it uplift my spirits and raise my consciousness?
    • Is it speaking to my emotional hot points in a relationship building way?
    • Am I experiencing a subconscious stream of conversation?
    • Do I trust myself more?
    • Do I have anything to act upon?

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