26 Mar 2021

[56] How to Find and Live my Purpose

Joseph Rodrigues

One with Infinite Intelligence

What is my purpose?

  • Purpose adds meaning to my life and it is something that I am ever realizing as I accomplish the goals given to me by my “inner voice” which may also appear as inspirations via the outer world
  • Purpose can be related to my profession or a service to others. Purpose can also be related to higher degrees of spiritual realizations which is also a service to others
  • Since we are all individual expressions from the same universal mind, we all have individual purposes that are in harmony with others who are also on the journey of revealing and living their purpose
  • Every day I realize more of who I am and what, why, when, and how of what I truly love
    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Intellectual
    • Relationships
    • Profession/Service
  • “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding” – The Kybalion
    • Ideas are infinite in nature to the person who values the idea that they have right now and takes the first step
    • Plans show up as the first step, rough guide, and/or in vivid detail
    • Synchronicities guide the way, reveal the resources that were always there, reveal ideas and plans, and bring me to certain people/environment/circumstance/information
  • Signs I am getting deeper into my purpose
    • I have a deeper connection with my “inner voice” and I trust it more
    • I discover that one of my greatest reflections of my inner happiness is found in service to others. Through this I further understand “Unconditional love” to realize that giving and receiving is one
    • I become more congruent each day. When thoughts, emotions, and actions are aligned. I call this being authentic or genuine
    • I am able to understand my past in ways I never did before, even beyond the meaning others have given to similar past circumstances
    • I am able to reflect on my experiences each day and evolve the meaning via invisible counsel, self-talk, conversations with my higher self or Infinite Intelligence
    • I accept myself the way I am and I evolve myself to who I am meant to me
    • I realize that happiness is found within and reflected upon the outer world but the source remains from within

Who am I? (Living my higher self)

  • There is a nuance distinction between “As we think, so we are” and “As we think in our heart, so we are” As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7)
  • The “current self image” and the “higher self image”
  • Where do I find my flow?
    • Learning about my “higher self” and creatively expressing it
    • People
    • Those that I can be honest and authentic with
    • Those that I can uncover higher levels of authenticity with through the relationship
    • Those that inspire me to lead me in the spirit of harmony
    • Environment
    • I feel at home in certain environments
    • Certain environments facilitate my “inner voice” connection
    • Certain environments encourage and facilitate creativity
    • Circumstance
    • Flow based circumstance
    • Controlled chaos based circumstance
    • Contrast based circumstance
    • Reflection based circumstance
    • Information
    • Empowering information
    • Disempowering information
    • Information discernment (Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom)
    • Resourcefulness

Evolving my “Being” into my purpose

  • The being journey
    • I become clearer on what I need to do and as I do it, my clarity increases (Ideas and plans)
    • I develop a greater understanding of the reflections of my being while on purpose (Synchronicities)
    • I enjoy the challenges that present themselves and I am naturally engaging in overcoming them by seeing them as opportunities
    • I find myself more focused on what is related and what is in harmony with my “higher self”
    • Fears, doubts, and indecision release as I evolve my beliefs within via my “inner voice” conversations
    • I become one with purpose, there is an alignment of thoughts, emotions, and actions and I see it all as one. This is also called being the “higher self”
  • Through evolving choice of thought, I rise up into being one with the “higher self” and through misalignment of though I remain at my “current self”
  • Key Distinctions
    • When I let go there is a void, it takes up my physical, mental, and emotional space. It is time to connect to my spiritual space
    • Value each moment and get better at valuing each moment
    • As I move into deeper purpose, I’ll find a lot more joy in what challenges me
    • The meaning of the “rewards” evolving on the journey as a by-product of my purpose because I am focusing on the quality, quantity, and spirit of my purpose
    • I got to where I am and I am going to continue to elevate to higher purpose

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