27 Mar 2021

[57] How to “Live in the End” while Being Present to the Now

Neville Goddard

The state of mind that I am in determines my ability to understand and utilize the opportunities, resources, and what is in front of me as contributing to what I desire to create, and knowing the difference (wisdom)

Be clear in my intent

  • Let me imagine that I am seeing them in my mind’s eye
  • How do they see me? If what I am assuming is true, they should see me as I am seeing myself, and if they are friends, they should rejoice with me. So, let me now assume that I am seeing reflected on the face of a friend that which, if I saw it, would imply he sees in me that which I have assumed I am
  • “One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men.” – Bhagavad Gita

Evolving the meaning of “what shows up”

  • Be as if it is possible
    • Beliefs help me facilitate the being
    • If I do not live in the end, it’s because there are beliefs that deny the living in the end
  • Beliefs that facilitate “possible” ways of “being”
    • The deliberate act of finding more joy on my journey with my time, energy, and resources encourages “possibility”
    • Remember that my natural state is learning so remove disempowering beliefs surrounding learning. Learning expands “possibility”
    • When I am in the “possible” state of mind, I am occupied by what inspires me and uplifts me
    • Observe if my thought process is what “can be done” rather than “can’t be done”
    • Ideas and creative thinking is facilitated when discouragement is released
    • Break things down in a way that releases overwhelm knowing that is ok to “let go” to allow the answer to be received from within
    • If things don’t go my way, perhaps it is time to evolve what I believe is “my way” There are infinite ways of creating success and I’ll find the way that is right for me
    • Doubts that show up on the journey reveal clues of beliefs that have been once internalized that stifle “possibility”
    • Reflect back on my past to remember how support or contribution showed up from the most unexpected sources
    • Remember that there is no one to change but myself to prevent myself from creating further disempowering programming in the world of Caesar
    • Ensure that on my journey and to the best of my ability, I consciously choose to be in environments that encourage possibilities of my end result and my ability to bring forth my end result
    • Evolve my beliefs to higher levels of unconditional love and spirit of harmony
    • Be inspired by others on the journey and their successes to learn from them to create mastermind or invisible counsel
    • Release from shame, it does not have to be associated with my evolution
    • I don’t always need to be told what to observe, I can also allow myself to be “inspired” to observe as to how my individualized insights and perspectives flow

Reflecting on the journey to re-affirm the being

  • Celebrate my creations and successes to affirm the reality
  • Power is found in “Humility” as it builds a solid foundation for my next level
    • The inevitable is that I am going to resurrect it and objectify it on the screen of space, and then the world will call it real, and they may not believe me. It doesn’t really matter
    • If I tell them it came to pass because I simply imagined it, no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which I walked towards the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause
  • Raise my standards by repeating the process for greater levels of success, bliss and self-realization
  • Evolve or it may feel like I’m moving backwards or losing my purpose

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