30 Mar 2021

[60] 7 Lessons in Prosperity through Evolving Assumptions & Beliefs

Neville Goddard

Reflect upon this key concept that my version of prosperity already exists right now. What’s happening is I am moving on the journey which is revealing and inspiring me to evolve my assumptions and beliefs about the end result and have it externalize accordingly as the journey and the destination

A multidimensional perspective on prosperity

  • All is mine. Do not go seeking for that which I am. Appropriate it, claim it, assume it. Everything depends upon my concept of self
  • However much I seem to be living in a material world, I am actually living in a world of imagination
    • The outer, physical events of life are the fruit of forgotten blossom-times, results of previous and usually forgotten states of consciousness. They are the ends running of ofttimes forgotten imaginative origins

Giving and receiving is one (The law of one)

  • It is only by a change of consciousness, by actually changing my concept of self, that I can “build more stately mansions” – the manifestations of higher and higher concepts
  • If creation is finished, and all events are taking place now, the question that springs naturally to the mind is “what determines my time track?” That is, what determines the events which I encounter? And the answer is my concept of self
  • Everything depends upon its attitude towards itself; that which it will not affirm as true of itself cannot awaken in its world

All resources are within my awareness

  • All transformation is based upon suggestion, and this can work only where I lay myself completely open to an influence
  • Attention is powerful in proportion to the narrowness of its focus, that is, when it is obsessed with a single idea or sensation
    • It is steadied and powerfully focused only by such an adjustment of the mind as permits me to see one thing only, for I steady the attention and increase its power by confining it
  • Man believes the future to be the natural development of the past. But the law of assumption clearly shows that this is not the case. My assumption places me psychologically where I am not physically; then my senses pull me back to where I am psychologically to where I am physically
    • It is these psychological forward motions that produce my physical forward motions in time. Precognition permeates all the scriptures of the world

True to what is in harmony (where my attention goes)

  • The world moves with motiveless necessity. By this is meant that it has no motive of its own, but is under the necessity of manifesting my concept, the arrangement of my mind, and my mind is always arranged in the image of all I believe and consent to as true
  • The keys are desire, imagination, and a steadily focused attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled. To such a man any undesirable objective fact is no longer a reality and the ardent wish no longer a dream
    • When I experience disharmony, it is really based on assumptions and beliefs within that appear to move me in that direction. The assumptions and beliefs spawn from the subconscious, which tunes my attention in that direction. Whatever I affirm, through assumptions and beliefs to what I’m looking at, reaffirms itself and I create the same thing again and again
  • Whenever I become completely absorbed in an emotional state, I am at that moment assuming the feeling of the state fulfilled. If persisted in, whatsoever I am intensely emotional about I will experience in my world

“Letting go” of disharmony

  • When I know that consciousness is the one and only reality-conceiving itself to be something good, bad, or indifferent, and becoming that which it conceived itself to be, I am free from the tyranny of second causes, free from the belief that there are causes outside of my own mind that can affect my life
  • Therefore, when I know what I want, I must deliberately focus my attention on the feeling of my wish fulfilled until that feeling fills the mind and crowds all other ideas out of consciousness
  • My imagination is able to do all that I ask in proportion to the degree of my attention. All progress, all fulfillment of desire, depend upon the control and concentration of my attention. Attention may be either attracted from without or directed from within
    • Attention is attracted from without when I am consciously occupied with the external impressions of the immediate present

Open the mind to nuance (tuning to receive)

  • I am limited only by my uncontrolled imagination and lack of attention to the feeling of my wish fulfilled
  • Be still and know that I am that which I desire to be, and I will never have to search for it
  • My imagination is the instrument, the means, whereby my redemption from slavery, sickness, and poverty is affected
    • If I refuse to assume the responsibility of the incarnation of a new and higher concept of myself, then I reject the means, the only means, whereby my redemption, that is, the attainment of my ideal, can be affected

Prosperity externalized as others living in prosperity

  • Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness. All that befalls a man, all that is done by him, all that comes from him, happens as a result of his state of consciousness
    • A man’s consciousness is all that he thinks and desires and loves, all that he believes is true and consents to. That is why a change of consciousness is necessary before I can change my outer world
  • The changes which take place in my life as a result of my changed concept of self always appear to the unenlightened to be the result, not of a change of my consciousness, but of chance, outer cause, or coincidence
  • Because creation is finished, what I desire already exists. It is excluded from view because I can see only the contents of my own consciousness. It is the function of an assumption to call back the excluded view and restore full vision
    • It is not the world but my assumption that change. An assumption brings the invisible into sight

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