04 Apr 2021

[65] Intuitive Understanding & Accurate Thinking

Neville Goddard

Fluidity of mind: The ability to intuitively understand the different circumstances that I am experiencing on the day-to-day journey to bring forth my vision, as well accurately think about the thought processes that are brought forth, as well as reinterpret the experiences on the journey to be more in harmony and in alignment with my vision. This bring me to faith and conviction


  • When he can no longer bear the burden of his accumulated learning, let a man leave his books, his science, his philosophy, and come back to himself, and he shall find within, that which he outwardly sought and found not, his own divinity. – James Allen, The Heavenly Life
    • This is a combination of intuitive thinking and accurate thinking, being the combination of reflecting on the effects in the outer world and connecting it back to the inner world of cause


  • Stop thinking of, and start thinking from. To think from the wish fulfilled is to realize that which I will never experience while I am thinking of it. When I put myself into the state of the wish fulfilled and think from it, I am praying, and in a way my reasoning mind does not know, my wish will become a fact in my world
    • How would I feel if I were already the one I would like to be? The moment I catch that mood, I am thinking from it
  • Believing the world is taking place independent of my perception, I do not realize that my dreams are projecting themselves on this screen of space, and that I am in conflict with my dreams
  • Intuition
    • Conviction
    • Spirit of harmony
    • Inner voice
  • Instinct
    • Fight or flight
    • Insecurity
    • Reactivity

Understanding and Transcending Doubt

  • The man who identifies himself with his possessions will feel that all is lost when these are lost; he who regards himself as the outcome and the tool of circumstances will weakly fluctuate with every change in his outward condition; and great will be his unrest and pain who seeks to stand upon the approbation of others
    • To detach oneself from every outward thing, and to rest securely upon the inward virtue, this is the unfailing wisdom. Having this wisdom, a man will be the same whether in riches or poverty. The one cannot add to his strength, nor the other rob him of his serenity. Neither can riches defile him who has washed away all the inward defilement, nor the lack of them degrade him who has ceased to degrade the temple of his soul. – James Allen, The Heavenly Life
  • Creation is finished and I have free will to choose the state I will occupy. Therefore, it is important to determine the ideas from which I think. Any concept that is accepted true will externalize itself to my outer world
    • That which is confronting me in my world now is the result of my past thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and imaginal activity These appearances will continue in being as long as I give them life through my conscious awareness of them

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