05 Apr 2021

[66] The Awakening of Me

Neville Goddard

As I remain loyal to the unseen reality via my inner speech, I mold this world into the image and likeness of the kingdom of love

Bring forth “conscious” from subconscious

  • Man must awake from the dream where he is simply an automaton
    • He moves like a machine, then he begins to awake and when he awakes then he is not that man at all that he seemingly in the past played for eternity. He awakes into a new being, a new man
  • The new man
    • Now, the new man is a man of new conversations, as told in Ephesians “Put off the former conversations, they belong to the old man that is corrupt, and put on the new man by a transformation of mind”, and the new man is identified with completely new words. He speaks only the kind things; he is incapable of any unlovely thought in the world; he is incapable of even listening to the unlovely for inwardly he speaks only the kind, only the loving things of the world
    • Then, he finds himself awakening a man within that was asleep; he awakens the second man which is called Christ Jesus in the Bible, which is my own wonderful, loving imagination
    • When imagination awakes it is incapable of being exercised in any way outside of the loving way. So every time I use my imagination lovingly, I am literally awakening this inner man and I’m meditating God to man. If I think of anyone in a loving way, I’m in contact with that being and universal energy flows toward him
    • I try it, and I can bless everyone in the world and then eventually the eyes open, the ears open, the inner man awakens and I see the most glorious world which is always here to be seen, only my sleep had shut it out

The awakening (I and my father are one)

  • The next lifeā€¦in this life
    • I shut the whole wonderful golden world out by going to sleep and becoming an automaton; but take me seriously for my next life is this life
    • I make this life what I want to make it because if I don’t, I will find myself automatically and I won’t even know it, because as a sleeping person, I don’t know I am walking the same track, but if I could only take me within myself and see with the eye of the inner eye and watch these automatons in the world, sleeping people; yes, the eye is open and they seem to be awake, but they’re really sound asleep for they’re repeating the same thing
  • Awakened humanity
    • Now become conscious; as I become conscious I enter the most glorious circle of awakened humanity. I call it the conscious circle of humanity. It simply means the awakened man and when he awakes they’re all glorious beings for they are all the image of the Divine One
    • So try it, try it today with the art of revision. At the end of this day, review today. If some unlovely thing in the day, don’t allow it, I rewrite it. Take that same scene and rewrite it, and having rewritten it, replay it
    • In my imagination, I imagine the action to be unfolding and I replay everything in the world; as I replay it as I ought to have played it the first time I’ve changed it. And the moment is never receding as people think, the moment is advancing
  • Past/Present/Future – Eternal Now
    • Now this may seem an insane statement to say, that yesterday is today’s future: it seems insane because one would think it’s not, it’s past: but by the curvature of time I will discover, but I will not know it, because I will be asleep unless I begin to awaken, and I will come upon what is yesteryear in my future, for the moment is never receding, it is always advancing into the future to confront me
    • And so if I don’t change it, I will simply find myself repeating over and over what, luckily in the creation’s infinite mercy, that sleep shuts out the memory of it, so I am doing it and I think I’m doing it for the first time. But I ask myself to awake for the purpose of this five sensory experience is to awaken everyone who comes here that we may all enter this brotherhood of awakened humanity

The two gifts

  • Now I was told there were “two gifts given to man at birth,” it doesn’t mean this little birth when I left my mother’s womb but when I left the womb of my Father that is the grand womb, the womb of creation when, before the world was, I was created and made perfect and set in this world for a purpose, educative purpose
  • I was given two gifts; I was given mind and the gift of speech, the very thing used to create a world
  • If I use the gift wisely, and do it rightly, I will be led into the realization, into the fulfillment of my every desire; not one is beyond my ability to realize
    • If I continually use it wisely when I quit the body, as the world calls a man dead, when I leave this into another dimension by the wise use of the same two gifts, I will be brought into the company of the blessed, if I awake
    • If I don’t use it wisely, I continue my circle of sleep; if I use it wisely, I will break the circle of recurrence and rise beyond it into eternity. If I don’t, I continue on the curved line of time and repeat it over and over until some day I awake, for I am destined to be conformed to the image of creation

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