14 Apr 2021

[76] How to Maintain my Ideal State

Joseph Murphy

Further conversation on states of mind, as well as the two gifts of speech and mind. I recognize that all is mind, so I ask what is filling up this mind? It is filled with thoughts, specifically interpretation based on behavioral actions or lack of emotional interpretation


  • Reality is both inspiring and revealing at the same time
    • I have relationships and resources which can inspire me through the five senses to integrate and produce results

Get into state and all else flows

  • My mental attitude, the way I think, feel, and believe, determines my destiny
  • The reaction or response I get from my subconscious mind will be determined by the nature of the thought or idea I hold in my conscious mind
  • Healing is due to a changed mental attitude, or to a transformation of the mind

Ways to get into my ideal state and turn it into my default state (Self-Image)

  • Imagination
    • What I see, hear, feel, taste, and smell inspires a specific state
      • Genius is a man who is in rapport with his subconscious mind
        • He is able to tap the universal reservoir and receive answers to his problems; thus, he does not have to work by the sweat of his brow
        • In the genius type of mind, the imaginative faculty is developed to a very high degree
        • All great poets and writers are gifted with a highly developed and cultivated imaginative faculty
    • When the world said, “It is impossible; it can’t be done,” the man with imagination said, “It is done!”
      • Through my imagination, I can also penetrate the depths of reality and reveal the secrets of nature
  • Beliefs
    • When I believe that what I’m doing has a purpose, benefits myself and/or others it can bring me into state
      • Me externalized as reality
        • Moreover, the infinite intelligence in my subconscious can impart to me wonderful kinds of knowledge of an original nature
        • Though invisible, its forces are mighty. Within my subconscious mind, I will find the solution for every problem and the cause
      • The word objective means that it deals with objective things
  • Acceptance
    • By fully accepting a circumstance, I reassign the power and identify with another state
      • I must recognize that the subconscious mind accepts all suggestions; it does not argue with me, but it fulfills my wishes
      • All things that have happened to me are based on thought impressed on the subconscious mind through belief
      • The subconscious mind will accept my beliefs and my convictions

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