23 Apr 2021

[85] Mind in Relationship with Imagination

Neville Goddard

The 7 day mental diet revisited from a prosperity perspective in relation to my definite chief aim

My Ideal + Ideal state of Mind (Garden of Mind)

  • Now I will go back to the 2nd of Genesis. It is said “And God placed man in the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”
    • Now when I read the story I think it happened thousands of years ago. I have come to tell you it is now. I am now in the garden of Eden and I think I am shut out or banished
    • I am in it, and the garden is my mind, but I need, like every gardener, I need pruning sheers
    • For I have slept, as I am told in the second chapter; having slept, weeds have appeared in the garden and the weeds are revealing themselves by the conditions and the circumstances of life

Garden of my Mind

  • I don’t accept one thing in the world as final unless it conforms to the ideal I want to realize in the world
  • But I do it daily; if I do not prune it daily I will get out of the habit, then weeds will grow. Every man who really is a gardener who calls himself a gardener, a gardener in the garden of God, for every day is the opportunity to really prune the tree, this wonderful tree
  • And so everyone that I meet is a branch rooted in the vine that I am and I am that special tree in the garden of God, a tree bearing life, a tree bearing fruit for the food of the nations. I am that one

Ways to help prune the tree

  • Reflect deeply and revise
    • Replay the interaction that didn’t go as I would’ve liked. Replay it in the desired outcome and notice how future interactions are changed moving forward
  • Paint my present from my future via belief Realtime
    • I need direction before moving forward or I move forward without needing direction
    • Trading time for money or trading value for money
    • Security in not taking risks or security in taking more risk
  • Release from stagnation via Inspiration
    • Clearing the clutter
    • Changing the environment
    • Do something different

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