24 Apr 2021

[86] How to Find my Real Self

Mildred Mann

Taking the conscious and subconscious mind and adding the super conscious mind to the mix. I am more than I say I am. I am an identity that I have based off of some perception. I feel, think, and act a certain way and I have five senses that allow me to receive data. Now, the meaning that I give to this data and the meaning that others have told me to give to this data cause me to form conclusions. However, I have the sixth sense, the ability to go into the creative imagination, the universal mind, the super conscious, communication with infinite intelligence, which through my creative expressions, allows me to have access to this infinite intelligence. I may find myself in flow, creatively solving problems in ways that I have never learned before, which is when I tap into the super consciousness. When I tap into the super consciousness, I begin to ask if there are more to me than the perceptions of how I see myself. When I dig deeper, I recognize that I am the conscious mind, consciously I can direct information into my subconscious mind and believe myself to be a certain way. There is a subconscious mind which has access to all this information that I have received throughout my lifetime, through sensory input, and there is the super conscious mind of which I am a part of.

I am a Special Enterprise of The Source

  • Pragmatic mysticism. It is not the kind of belief that makes me withdraw from the world, or live in a cave, or mortify the flesh, or deny myself anything that makes for gracious living. It is a pragmatic, everyday, usable union with the source. That is what it is in simple terms
  • The source created each one of us “a special enterprise,” and endowed us with a mind. We were given self-consciousness. No other species on the face of this planet has that. I know who I am. I may not know the all of who I am, because no one does. But I do know “I am so-and-so.” I do have the power of original thought. I can form a concept. I can carry it out
  • I have self-consciousness. I have the kind of mind that recognizes its own identity. I have free will. I have the potentiality and the possibility of developing that mind. I am not a slave
    • I do not have to live at the beck and call of every peril that seems to lurk in the outer world. I am supposed to live as a child of God, a Son of God, a co-creator with God. That is the essence of Being, which is instilled in every human soul. I am not here to live a possible sixty or seventy years, and for the most part of it go through hell. I am here to create something in my life that only I can do for myself. Only I can do it for me. Each one of us does it a bit differently
    • Each one of us offers the source a slightly different, unique experience as we begin to find ourselves and proceed to build our lives in accordance with the Divine Plan. That is why there are no two people exactly alike in the world. No one else can do it in exactly the same way. “I am a special enterprise on the part of God.”

How to Find Myself

  • How do we find ourselves? We do so by going “within.” We get to know ourselves, to understand how we are made, and then we learn to use the magnificent power within us. We do it by understanding the mind, what it is, and how it works. There is nothing more fascinating than the mind. Actually, it consists of three sections, the conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious
    • Conscious mind
      • The part with which I am busiest is that which I call the conscious mind. That is the area through which I absorb all my knowledge of the outer world. It is the part of the mind with which I think. It is the part of the mind of which I am constantly aware
      • It is always busy thinking during my waking hours. It flits from pillar to post with the ease and rapidity of a wild monkey. It is the part of the mind that receives scholastic training, and retains it just as long as it needs it
    • Subconscious mind
      • The subconscious mind is the part of the mind which makes me feel. It reminds me of things I have forgotten. In one sense, the subconscious mind is the eternal storehouse
      • Everything that has ever happened to me, everything that I have ever thought, or done, or said, even though I may have no conscious recollection, is stored in the subconscious. My loves, my fears, my hates, my good deeds, my courage, my resentment, my animosities, my charities, they are all there. I am the sum total of all of that at this moment
      • If I would like to know a little of the ideas the subconscious holds, I can do so by watching myself. The clearest answer will come by looking in a mirror at myself, because the body is the complete out-picturing of what the subconscious mind is expressing. Its closest manifestation is through the physical body, and it reflects itself in the health, vitality, and appearance. Then, watch what I do
      • Watch what I say. Watch my reactions. Are they what they should be? Do I flare up at others? Do I take offense easily and then blame it on my sensitive nature? Am I always busy protecting my pride? Do I go around the world with a chip on my shoulder? If I do, I will know that there is something stored in the subconscious that is causing a bit of trouble. Get rid of it, because if I continue, sooner or later I am going to “come a cropper” and take a bad fall
      • Besides being the storehouse of memory, the subconscious is also the power house of the human being. Its function is to create, and that it does, unquestioningly, when the conscious mind gives the order. It cannot reason, and it knows no logic
      • It continues to carry out the orders until the conscious mind redirects it. The subconscious mind knows everything of the past and the present. It also has an idea of what the future might be, because of past performance. But, because it is plastic, it can and will change the future direction of my life, provided it is given the impetus and instruction to do so
    • Superconscious mind
      • The third part of the mind is actually the most important, and it is also the one with which I have the least knowledge and contact. It is that part of the mind which gives us life. It is called the superconscious mind
      • It is what I term the Presence of God in us. It does not matter what I call it, whether it is called the Presence, the Indwelling of Christ, the Divine Spark, or my own favorite term for it, I Am
      • It is that within us which is our goal, the conscious realization of the Indwelling Christ, conscious union with my Real Self. It is that Presence, that superconscious mind, which is within me and gives me the ability to think, feel, move. It is life incarnate, and I am its incarnation
      • When the presence decides I have done all I can in this life span, it withdraws from the physical body, taking with it the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind until another incarnation
      • The subconscious is the part of the mind with which I am mostly at grips. The subconscious, while it produces our good for us, also produces all of our problems. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has ever happened to me or to any other human being in this world, except that we have consciously or unconsciously brought it to pass, be it good or bad. There is no sense blaming the other fellow for things that happened to me. He had nothing to do with it. He was merely an instrument, brought to me by the law which I set in motion, the law that governs the subconscious mind

Treatments for Problems

  • There was a well-known metaphysical teacher in New York some years ago, who has since passed on. She was Florence Scoville Shinn. If I had an appointment with Mrs. Shinn, upon my arrival at her apartment she never said to me, “What is the matter with you?” She said, “WHO is the matter with you?” She was completely right. WHO is the matter with you? Do I have a problem? Then look for the WHO. And get rid of that WHO. I cannot have a healthy, constructive, creative life as long as I suffer from resentments, from fears, from malice, from envy, from antagonism, from pride, for these are the cancers of the soul
  • Resentment Therapy
    • Do I want to be an integrated human being? Who does not? If I do, I must unload some of the junk I have carried around with me in my subconscious mind. That is the price we must all pay. I can make a program for myself, which is quite simple, not easy. The program is called “resentment therapy.” It is this: make a list of all the persons I have ever resented, been hurt by, or been angry with, starting with the present and working backwards as far as my memory takes me. If done correctly, I will end up in the very early years of childhood. The usual reaction in nine cases out of ten is to say, “really I don’t have resentment towards anyone.” Ignore that, if I have that reaction, because it is not true. Think about it for a while. Then take a pencil and a notebook, not a sheet of paper, and start working
    • Take my time over it. It may take me a week or two to complete the list, once I have found the thread in the tangled skein of subconscious memory. After having seen hundreds of these lists compiled, I can report the average list runs to about two hundred names! That is the first step
    • The next step consists of sitting quietly, keeping in mind the thought, “Whatever has happened to me, no matter how bad or how sad, conscious or unconsciously I have brought it to pass. Therefore, I can have no feeling against so-and-so. Absolutely none. So I fully and freely forgive him/her NOW.” And so on, doing it with each and every name on the list. It is wise to spend no more than ten or fifteen minutes a day, starting with the names at the top of the list, then repeating the next day, starting with the name at which I stopped, until I come to the end of the lsit

Proper Thinking

  • Have I ever noticed that my mind is either living for the most part in tomorrow, or next week, or last year? I am either regretting the things that I have happened in the past, or I am dreading the things that are yet to come. I so very rarely hold that mind of mine in this particular moment. Actually, the only moment I can ever know is right now
  • That is the way I am created to live, but I do not. The conscious mind runs back and forth, from the past to the future, darting here and there, in a constant tug-of-war with the subconscious, which wants to stay in one place with the physical body and the conscious mind. That is one of the great causes of fatigue, from which too many of us suffer, and it results in a nervous tension from which few of us are free
  • Do I want to accomplish things in my life? Then learn to keep my mind intact. That is my job. No one can do it for me but myself. If I cannot hold my thought steady on the particular thing I am attempting to do at any particular moment, I am not going to get very far
  • Does that mean I cannot plan for the future? Of course it does not. When I plan things for myself, they are always on the positive side. When I create my mental pictures, and feed them with my desires or emotions, I am planting good ideas in the subconscious mind., when I worry (which is negative planning for the future) about the horrible things that can possibly happen, I am also planting ideas in the subconscious mind
  • Concentration
    • I must learn to concentrate. In one sense, everyone knows how to concentrate on subjects with which they are familiar and which have constituted their fields of interest
    • The presence is that which gives me life. I AM. The power is the Law which sustains the universe and everything in it. I Am a child of God, and so are you. My birthright, and your birthright, is to learn how to use that law to create my life in accordance with what it should be

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