28 Apr 2021

[90] Live in the End

Neville Goddard

The creative word (Imagination)

  • In the beginning was the word and the word was with the source and the word was source
    • The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us
  • The same creative word that created the universe, and sustains it, dwells in us. Therefore, “with God all things are possible,” and therefore with man all things are possible. So, he states it in one book, “With God all things are possible” but in Mark he states it, “All things are possible to him,” meaning man, “who believes.” Can man believe?
    • Words represent symbols which represent the theory of mind
    • There are different forms of expression, speech and mind, both linked to the mind
  • So, this creative word is in me. Well, what is this creative word? It’s my own wonderful human imagination. That’s the source in man. Man is all imagination, and the source is man, and exists in us, and we in it. The eternal body of man is the imagination, and that is the source itself the divine body; and we are it’s members
  • So, when I say, “I am,” that’s it. Now, can I believe that I am now the man that I would like to be, though at the moment of my assumption, reason denies it? And my senses deny it? Can I really conceive a scene, a scene, which if true, would imply the fulfillment of my dream? Just imagine it. Certainly I can imagine it, but the problem is: Will I believe it? Will I believe in the reality of the thing imagined?
    • When I create a definite chief aim, I reflect about how everything in the external world is supportive and related to my definite chief aim. It is through this that I create and work with the power of the source, which is: All things are possible. That harmonious within, which is the definite chief aim, will be reflected outwards and as I believe so it shall be done unto me. So, I have to make sure that as I believe means all people, environment, circumstances, and information in the external world represent and is related to bringing forth my definite chief aim even if everybody else denies it

States of mind (Levels of consciousness)

  • If I could, this very moment, imagine myself into a state, any state at all, and dwell in it, well now, what is “dwelling in it?” Well, I’m dwelling in it. Well, that’s the source. And that is the resurrecting power of the universe. So, if I remain in a state, I will resurrect it and objectify it in my world. But I have to select it and enter the state
  • If imagining creates reality, what am I imagining? For, if the source is the only creative power in the universe, and I identify the source with my own imagination, well, then, my imagination is creating reality. So what am I imagining?
  • Open the news, and I am fed with everything I should not feast upon, all the horrors of the world, all the negative states of the world; after having listened for an hour, then I must either regurgitate or in some strange way rub it out, because I can’t go through life feeding upon such nonsense

All things are possible (Power of Source)

  • I dare say that everyone here would say, “Yes,” to the statement “With the source, all things are possible.”
    • I don’t think I’d be here if I did not believe in the source, and the source to whom all things are possible. But maybe I stop right there, and I separate man from the source, and my purpose is to show that we are not two, but we are one, that the source actually became man, that man may become the source
  • Well, this is how I test myself: If the source is in me, and all things are possible to the infinite intelligence, then I must find out who the source is. Well, I have found him as my own wonderful human imagination, and because the source dwells, not only in me, but dwell sin us, everything is possible to everyone in the world
    • And, so, I help man best by telling him who the source is. I could give him all the things in the world that he needs, he’ll come back for more tomorrow unless he knows who the source is
  • Is there anything in this world that wasn’t first imagined? Name one thing or point at one thing in the world for me that is now considered to be real that wasn’t first only imagined?
    • What is now proved was once only imagined. Therefore, this is a true statement, “All things were made by the source.” and the source is my own wonderful human imagination. All objective reality is solely produced through imagining. The clothes I wear, the chairs on which I am seated, this in which I am now placed, everything was once only imagined

Myself pushed out (All is one mind individualized)

  • The source dwells in all, and is the true identity of every man, then everyone must be myself “pushed out.” There can’t be another if the source is one, therefore, I tell myself, as the seeming other, what I would do if I were you, and instead of giving him the thing that I need physically, tell him how to get it for himself
  • I should actually know exactly what I would like to be, and, discovering what I would like to be against what I seem to be, dare to assume that I am it! And my assumption, though false, if persisted in, would harden into fact
  • So, I am told, “I kill, and I make alive; I would, and I heal” I create the blessing; I create the curses, but, now, I must choose life. Choose the lovely things but don’t say there’s another creator, for if there is another creator then I am in conflict ○ So, my own imagination can conjure unlovely things if I dwell upon them, or the lovely things, but there can’t be two sources. And if I can find that source and identify it with my own wonderful human imagination, then I can’t pass the buck. I can’t turn to anything and blame it for the things happening in my life

How to live in the end

  • What would I feel like if now I were the man that I want to be? How would I see the world if things were as I desire them to be? Now, this is what I mean by “living in the end”
  • Well, then, now, this very instant, I desire happiness in marriage, for example. I say, “Well, there’s not one person in my world that is eligible. I know no one.” I don’t’ have to know anyone
    • All I have to do is to decide within myself what I want. Now, what would I do if it were true? Would I wear a ring on the one finger that would imply that someone placed it there? One that I admire? Well, then, wear it there. Don’t wear a physical ring. But it on just as though she had placed it there, and sleep feeling that which I am feeling is real
    • Don’t say, “It’s all imagination.” Certainly, it is, because all imagination is the source, therefore, it’s all real. So, when I say, “That’s only my imagination,” well, I am just saying, “That’s only a thing called the source when I treat imagination that way
  • Now tonight, find out exactly what I, not what they think I ought to want, what I want. Ask no one’s permission. I don’t need anyone’s permission; I only need my own decision
    • What do I want? Now, what would it be like if it were true? Now, catch the mood, and try to give that mood all the sensory vividness of reality, all the tones of reality, and then sleep in it just as though it were true. And then await the inevitable
  • The inevitable is that I am going to resurrect it and objectify it on the screen of space, and then the world will call it real, and they may not believe me
    • It doesn’t really matter. If I tell them it came to pass because I simply imagined it, no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which I walked toward the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause
    • Now, the cause is invisible, for the cause is the source, and the source is invisible to the mortal eye
  • Who knows what I am imagining? No one knows, but I can sit down and imagine, and no one can stop me from doing it, but can I give reality to the imagined state?
    • If I do, yes, a bridge of incidents will appear in my world, and I’ll walk across some series of events leading up to the fulfillment of the imaginal state. But don’t give causation to any physical step that I took towards the fulfillment of it
  • So, when I know what I want, remain faithful to that assumption, and the assumption, though at the moment it is denied by my senses, and denied by reason if I persist in it, it will harden into fact
    • Am I not told that the source calls a thing that Is not seen as though it were seen, and then the unseen becomes seen? The source calls everything from the unseen into the seen in this simple manner, for the source is the resurrecting power

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