29 Apr 2021

[91] What I want, wants me back

Neville Goddard

Concept of Self


  • The conscious mind forms beliefs and opinions from the evidence of the senses or the perceived outer world
    • The creative power within each of us accepts as true that which the conscious mind impresses upon it
    • My creative power takes those ideas, which are thought of with feeling, and projects them in my outer world. It is important to remember that not all thoughts are creative
    • Only those that are believed to be true or which are joined with feeling create the circumstances and events that I will encounter
  • First, I must be like the watchman at the gate. I must watch every thought that contains I Am. If I am observant, I will see that I have created every circumstance and experience of my life

Sea of Ideas

  • Each of us is subjected to a sea of ideas. We listen to the radio, watch the news on television, or hear some gossip
    • If what I observe calls forth an emotion, I have reacted and, thereby, planted a seed that will sprout at some future time
    • Thoughts do not recede into the past. Rather, they advance into the future to confront me so that I may see that which I have planted, either wisely or unwisely
  • It is a worthwhile exercise to awake in the morning and imagine myself at the end of my day, having accomplished all that I wanted and feeling happy and contended
    • If there is a situation that I will encounter later in the day that is of concern to me, spend a few moments imagining the outcome I wish to experience
    • These imaginal activities will not advance into my future to reveal the harvest I so wisely planted

Daily Revisions

  • That which is confronting me in my world now is the result of my past thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and imaginal activity
    • These appearances will continue in being as long as I give them life through my conscious awareness of them. I must disregard the evidence of my senses as it pertains to any undesirable condition in my life
    • I must imagine and feel that I have already attained that which I want to experience rather than that which I do not want to continue in being
    • This may appear difficult, yet I have probably exercised this principle unconsciously to produce negative results
  • Seven objections/Rejections to Revise (Concept of Self Based)
    • It is too expensive
    • I need to use this money somewhere else
    • I am already working with someone else
    • I can get a cheaper version somewhere else
    • There’s too much going on right now
    • I have never heard of your company
    • It’s just not important right now

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