30 Apr 2021

[92] Letting Go of Inner-Resistance

Joseph Rodrigues, David Hawkins

The goal is to maintain an ideal state of mind; an identity or self-image that is in alignment with my vision. Along the journey of embodying that which I truly am, I may encounter inner-resistance. Inner-resistance affects my ability to maintain a flow-based journey to the destination. Whatever I need to do will reveal itself through inspiration. This inspiration is what I take and put into my projects to see them all the way to completion. During this, I may experience inner-resistance, not related to the project itself, but it’s the doubt, frustration, and impatience related to my vision or the outcome that seem to convolute the day-to-day tasks. This is why it is important to let go of inner-resistance


  • Identifying with any of these three leads to more of them. However, if I do not identify with any of them, then I am able to further embody the ideal self-image
    • Doubt
    • Usually involved with an aspect from my past
    • Frustration
    • Deals with the now
    • Impatience
    • Looking at the vision and saying “We aren’t there yet” and “I wish I had it now!”
    • Doubt and impatience tends to lead to frustration


  • Letting Go // David Hawkins
    • Letting go is like the sudden cessation of an inner pressure or the dropping of a weight
    • It is accompanied by a sudden feeling of relief and lightness, with an increase happiness and freedom
    • It is an actual mechanism of the mind, and everyone has experienced it on occasion

Detaching from Resistance

  • Flow and Now
    • Eckhart Tolle // The Power of Now
      • “One day I’ll make it.” Is my goal taking up so much of my attention that I reduce the present moment to a means to an end?
      • Is it taking the joy out of my doing? Am I waiting to start living?
      • If I develop such a mind pattern, no matter what I achieve or get, the present will never be good enough; the future will always seem better
    • Eckhart Tolle // The Power of Now
      • Whenever I am waiting, whenever it may be, use that time to feel the inner body
      • In this way, traffic jams and line-ups become very enjoyable
      • Instead of mentally projecting myself away from the now, go more deeply into the now by going more deeply into the body
      • The art of inner-body awareness will develop into a completely new way of living, a state of permanent connectedness with being, and will add a depth to my life that I have never known before
  • Elements of Flow
    • Clear goals at an abstract and granular level
      • Doubt
        • Without a vision, I may find it hard to calibrate myself towards something that is ideal
        • In order to find clarity in my focus, I start with a small goal
          • However, remember that the only difference between a small and big goal is our interpretation of it
      • Frustration
        • Over-thinking throws me out of flow and leads to frustration
      • Impatience
        • Instead of work for a time crunch, I must get into a deeply submerged flow and realize that the goal will be achieved when the time is right
    • Immediate reporting and feedback
      • Doubt
        • All feedback and criticism is optimization data
      • Frustration
        • Maintaining that all is in contribution to my ideal vision and what may seem like a challenge, failure, and loss are actually there to guide me towards the optimal path
      • Impatience
        • Patience comes from a different perspective of how events are unfolding
    • Harmony between challenge and skill
      • Doubt
        • Developing a mind skill to change how I relate to experiences so I can facilitate success
      • Frustration
        • Maintaining an ideal state of mind allows for intelligent uses of my time
      • Impatience
        • By committing to a vision, I remove disempowering information that purifies me, allowing me to see growth in even the smallest of actions and events
    • Action and awareness become one
    • Distractions are excluded from consciousness. Fear, doubt, and indecision tapers away
    • Time is distorted
    • The activity and person becomes autotelic

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