08 Aug 2021

[105] My Prosperity State

Neville Goddard // The Art of Reimagining my Past


  • Emotional intelligence in the perspective of reactivity, tension, and inner resistance as opportunities
    • While these may be unpleasant as far as experience goes, they provide grounds for reflection
    • I have the ability to change how I relate to the everyday experiences, peoples, environment, circumstances, and information from the perspective of ideal harmony, flow, and love in relation to my vision


  • I believe any man who has been successful in his life’s venture has lived as though he were successful
  • Living in that state, he can name those who aided him in achieving his success; and he may deny that he was always aware of success, but his awareness compelled the aid he received
    • The “eternal now,” where all possibility, all potentiality, all probability, and all of reality exists, I seem to move down this space of past, present, and future, and I seem to forget that the opportunity is now
    • The opportunity presents itself all day long in the now and it’s revealing my identification through “I Am” sentences
    • It is revealed through my tension, reactivity, and inner resistance

Revise Myself back into the State of Prosperity

  • And now I have a mission, I have a purpose in life; it’s a noble purpose, because I have been selected to really become the chief gardener in the garden of God, and in the garden I must have pruning shears, and pruning shears is revision
  • I simply revise, and as I revise the day I repeal the day, for the day is not slipping into the past, it does not recede as people think, it is always advancing into the future to confront me, either pruned or in some strange weed-like state
    • Just as I have the power to consciously or subconscious identify with the belief of limitation, of inner resistance based interpretation to whatever it is I’m experiencing, people, environment, circumstance, information on the day-to-day journey to bringing forth prosperity. Just as I have the power to identify with it, I also have the power not to identify with it, discovered through working with revision
  • If I hear something that is unlovely, don’t accept it, but instantly revise it. Hear the words that ought to have been spoken and persuade myself, to the best of my ability, that it is so
    • If, in a current moment, I can recognize tension and reactivity conjuring up, in my imagination, something from the past, I can develop a higher degree of awareness to rise above it, in that moment, and change my relationship to that particular experience
    • In order to raise my degree of awareness in the present moment, I must be deeply engaged in what I’m doing. When I’m having conversations with people, is my mind wandering onto something else or am I deeply engaged in the interaction.
  • I see my higher self having a conversation with my past self that was having an experience that was forming certain conclusions about how reality works which was bringing forth tension and reactivity in the now
    • Now, this is how I do it. At the end of my day, I review the day; I don’t judge it, I simply review it. I look over the entire day, all the episodes, all the events, all the conversations, all the meetings, and then as I see it clearly in my mind’s eye, I rewrite it
      • This is a process done at the end of the night, in a state akin to sleep, so I can pass over the overly conscious beta state and into a theta state where my subconscious is more receptive and I can imagine, lucidly, the scenes playing out in an ideal way, thus impressing the subconscious and changing my relationship to those attributes and I experience it the next day
    • I rewrite it and make it conform to the ideal day I wish I had experienced. I take scene after scene and rewrite it, revise it, and having revised my day, then in my imagination I relive that day, the revised day, and I do it over and over in my imagination until this seeming imagined state begins to take on to me the tones of reality
    • It seems that it’s real, that I actually did experience it and I have found from experience that these revised days, if really lived, will change my tomorrows. When I meet people tomorrow that today disappointed me, they will not tomorrow, for in me I have changed the very nature of that being, and having changed him, he bears witness tomorrow of the change that took place within me
    • It is my duty to take this garden and really make it a garden by daily using the pruning shears of revision

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