10 Aug 2021

[107] The Infinite Reality of True Prosperity

U.S. Andersen & The Kybalion’s Seven Hermetic Principles

I realize that more so each day, I let go of the attributes that are not really who I am. As a result, I find a higher degree of responsibility and acceptance of experiences thus releasing from the internal resistance, bringing me into a higher degree of purity of mind. I then identify with, fuse with, what is authentic to me. I accept and integrate these aspects that are in relation to my authentic self. This deepens my connection with intuition to understanding and brings me and carries me through any challenges that occur to transmute them into opportunities. As a result, I live the philosophy; I become who I was destined to be in relation to my vision, finding love and flow in all things. This brings me into deeper integration with the world within, the divine, as I realize that the inner world and outer world are one with each other

I can imagine myself into different reality…

  • “There is only one intelligence, one mind in all creation, and everyone is a part of it.
  • Thought transference, hypnotism, clairvoyance are only a few examples of the fact that we are all using one mind
  • Every book has been written by the same author, every building and bridge built by the same engineer, every picture painted by the same artist, every sonnet composed by the same poet, all music conceived by the same musician
  • Me and my neighbor, us, everybody, one. That is the way it is
  • The Universal Mind that flows through everyone knows no limitation or lack, and nothing is impossible to it. Its great dominant characteristic is creativeness. Since it is all knowledge and all substance and all power, indeed the only thing it does is create
  • And it creates exactly what the mind of each individual person thinks into it.” – U.S. Andersen

Desire + Detachment from Outcome

  • The desire gets converted over into a vision that becomes my intent and when I commit to it, one of the things that happens is that I go down the journey of self-realization to the fulfillment. The unnecessary reactivity and tension on the journey provides an opportunity
  • This Universal Mind knows no big or little, rich or poor, great or insignificant. It gives of itself according to need, and it creates according to desire. It is creating for me right now exactly what I am thinking into it
    • Release from comparison and move into deeper integration
    • Release from unnecessary reactivity based attachment, in relation to… (People, environment, circumstance, information)
  • Competition versus Creativeness
    • The essence of mankind is not competition; it is creativeness
    • Competition casts all humanity into the same mold. Creativeness makes of each man an individual counterpart of the source
    • Competition exists on the plane that makes me want to have a better home than John Smith, a better car than John Smith, a better job than John Smith. It leads me into the suffocating trap of not wanting the different but wanting the same, only better. It imposes upon me a scale of values that is not my own but belongs to a group
    • Creativeness, on the other hand, is a world all my own. If I were to take brush and palette in hand right now and paint a picture in oils, the results – good, bad, or indifferent by the world’s standards – would be all my own. The finest artist living could not copy it exactly
  • Inner Ratios (From competition to creativeness…)
    • The Hermetist understands the art of transmuting Evil into Good, by means of an application of the Principle of Polarity
      • In short, the “Art of Polarization” becomes a phase of “Mental Alchemy” known and practiced by the ancient and modern Hermetic Masters
      • And understanding of the Principle will enable one to change his own Polarity, as well as that of others, if he will devote the time and study necessary to master the art
    • Mental Alchemy
      • Seven Stages of Spiritual Alchemy (Marriage of Thought and intuitive feeling)
        • Transmutation, Alchemy, or Chemistry on the Mental Plane is important enough in its effects, to be sure, and if the art stopped there it would still be one of the most important branches of study known to man
          • The first of the Seven Hermetic Principles is the Principle of Mentalism, the axiom of which is “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental,” which means that the Underlying Reality of the Universe is Mind; and the Universe itself is Mental — that is, “existing in the Mind of the All.” I shall consider this Principle in succeeding lessons, but let me see the effect of the principle if it be assumed to be true
          • If the Universe is Mental in its nature, then Mental Transmutation must be the art of Changing the Conditions of the Universe, along the lines of Matter, Force, and mind. So I see, therefore, that Mental Transmutation is really the “Magic” of which the ancient writers had so much to say in their mystical works, and about which they gave so few practical instructions. If All be Mental, then the art which enables one to transmute mental conditions must render the Master the controller of material conditions as well as those ordinarily called “mental.”
        • Calcination (Here is where I start letting go of egotism, self-doubt, stubbornness…)
          • I have a goal, vision, definite chief aim, etc. and throughout the journey, I may have these egotism-based elements, self-doubt, and stubbornness because I am so identified with certain thought processes that I need to purify my mind from. If I commit to a vision and I stay committed to that vision, then all paths lead to that vision. I may create unnecessary convolution and complexity in myself, deny the end to myself, or create the unnecessary complexity through the self-doubt, stubbornness, egotism, and so forth so thus I want to let go of these. I let go of them through four subconscious mind modalities of subconscious mind audio, self-talk, revision, or placing myself in ideal environments
        • Dissolution (In this phase lack of responsibility, avoidance of traumatizing memories, and other inner resistance elements are brought forth for purification.)
          • I may try to fight or flight myself away from circumstances that seem to show up only to find myself in those circumstances again in a different area in my life. I then begin to work with these areas through revision and taking responsibility throughout the journey to feel more flow and creative expression
        • Separation (What is authentic and true to me. How do I really want to be, this or that…)
        • Conjunction (Accept and integrate the parts of my authentic self.)
        • Fermentation (I deepen my connection to the inner voice, maybe thrown through a dark night of the soul. Building a further relationship to the infinite world within.)
        • Distillation (Integrate inner realizations into my life in order to allow them to become permanent. Finding love and flow in all things.)
        • Coagulation (One with the divine…inner world and outer world are not different, but reflections of each other as one.)

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