11 Aug 2021

[108] Habit of Imagination

There are many ways to get to the destination, and what I want is a joyous journey to the end. And the way to make the journey joyous til the end is to reflect on the habits that I have and changing the habits because the habits are paving the pathway to the destination


  • Sow an imaginary conversation, I reap an act; Sow an act, I reap a habit; sow a habit, I reap a character; Sow a character, I reap my destiny
  • Now is the time to control my imagination and attention
    • By control, I do not mean restraint by will power but rather cultivation through love and compassion
    • With so much of the world in discord I cannot possibly emphasize too strongly the power of imaginative love
  • We are creatures of habit. I get into the habit of accepting as final the evidence of my senses
    • Wine is needed for the guests and my senses tell me that there is no wines, and I through habit am about to accept this lack as final
    • When I remember that my consciousness is the one and only reality, therefore if I deny the evidence of my senses and assume the consciousness of having sufficient wine, I have in a sense rebuked my mother or the consciousness which suggested lack; and by assuming the consciousness of having what I desire for my guests, wine is produce din a way I do not know

From Habit to Character

  • Cue: Desire with Imagination
    • My world is a grand mirror constantly telling me who I am
      • As I meet people, they tell me by their behavior who I am
    • The clothes I am now wearing were first imagined
      • The chair in which I am seated, the room that surrounds me – there isn’t a thing here that wasn’t first imagined; so I can see that imagining creates reality
    • Try it! Try living by it. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to watch one’s imagination morning, noon and night, and to actually control it as I would a boat at sea when I steer it in the direction I want to go. But, it has to be done eventually. Therefore, get started now
  • Routine: The bridge of incidents
    • The “Feel, Felt, Found” technique is a classic objection handling method
      • I know how you feel, I have felt that before, and here’s what I found
      • This develops a deep rapport
    • My imagined conversations must awaken what it affirmed; the acceptance of the end wills the means
      • And the wisest reflection could not devise more effective means than those which are willed by the acceptance of the end
      • I must have plans, but I must not attach too deeply to these plans as living from the end often has better plans than I originally had
    • This doesn’t mean that, just because I heard my vision I am going to enjoy wealth; I must apply what I heard, and remember when
      • If I could say: “I remember when I couldn’t afford to spend $400 a month for rent,” I am implying I can well afford it now
      • The words: “I remember when it was a struggle to live on my monthly income,” implies I have transcended that limitation
      • I can put myself into any state by remembering when. I can remember when my friend expressed his desire to be in a relationship
      • By remembering when he was single, I am persuading myself that my friend is no longer in that state, as I have moved him from one state to another
  • Reward: The end that the will means
    • When I say all things exist in the in the human imagination, I mean infinite states; for everything possible for me to experience now, exists in me as a state of which I am its operant power
      • Only I can make a state become alive. I must enter a state and animate it in order for it to out picture itself in my world
      • I may then go back to sleep and think the objective fact is more real than its subjective state into which I have entered; but may I tell you: all states exist in the imagination
      • When a state is entered subjectively, it becomes objective in my vegetative world, where it will wax and wane and disappear; but its eternal form will remain forever and can be reanimated and brought back into being through the seed of contemplative thought
      • So I say: the most creative thing in me is to enter a state, and believe it into being

I realize that I have the power to work with imagination, reorient myself back into the ideal state of mind. I remember when I was not in flow. I remember when I ws not earning what I desired to earn. I remember when I didn’t have the prosperity. I remember when I didn’t have the ideal team. I am the ideal person that I had aspired to be on the journey to realizing my vision.

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