12 Aug 2021

[109] Relationship with the Subconscious Mind

The emphasis is on building a relationship with my subconscious by removing the disconnects, which I call limiting beliefs, interpretations, and assumptions that create unnecessary separation. This builds an intuitive understanding, a connection between where I am and where I want to be, and the people, environment, circumstance, and information that presents itself on the journey leading to the destination

One with the Power (U.S. Andersen)

  • There is a power, greater than I am, which I can use to make my life vibrant, successful, and happy
    • This Power is the universal creative mind, the subconscious mind, and I am using it now; I can’t help using it
  • The subconscious mind is everything and knows everything. It is everywhere at all times and all of it is anywhere at any particular time, for space and time cannot exist in infinity
    • There is intelligence within us which is stimulated by desire which conjures up in my imagination as a vision that brings for the resources, relationships, and whatever I need that presents itself on the journey to contribute to bringing forth my results, my vision. All of this is done subconsciously and I must allow this to happen
  • All of us live and move and have our things in the great intelligence that makes up the universe and the world
    • Think in terms of complete unity. I am one with every person who lives, ever has lived, and ever will live. I am one with every form of life that exists, every inanimate object of my world
      • For all things are made from one thing and thus all things are one thing, and objects and circumstances exist as the result of conception and desire being projected into the infinite creative substance of which I am all a part, in which we are all one
    • Thought is the only mover. According to the degree of my conscious intelligence I will grasp the power that is mine
      • According to my conscious intelligence, I will project images into the subconscious mind which are great or small. Thus, they will be returned to me only those circumstances of which I am capable of conceiving
      • But whatever I conceive will be returned to me; and if doubt and fear predominate my thinking, those very things that I fear will be visited upon me, for they are convictions that the subconscious mind must create into actuality

The Pathway of Intuition

  • Intuition is that aspect of mental power which enables a person to “contact” certain aspects of the subconscious mind with ease
    • I look for guidance and guidance is found within
    • Certainly, I can externalize that guidance by receiving it by another person, book, or video, but I am the source of that based on my intent and desire, and the subconscious mind brings that forth
  • Intuition is a proof that the universal subconscious mind contains the knowledge of the law and will reveal it to the conscious mind of man when a proper rapport is established
    • Harmony flows through me… (Charles Haanel)
      • It is through the subconscious that Shakespeare must have perceived without effort, great truths which are hidden from the conscious mind of the student; that Phidias fashioned marble and bronze; that Rafael painted Madonnas and Beethoven composed symphonies
        • The subconscious soul, like a benevolent stranger, works and makes provision for my benefit, pouring only the mature fruit into my lap; thus ultimate analysis of thought processes shows that the subconscious is the theatre of the most important mental phenomena
        • We are all aware of how dependent we are upon the subconscious, and the greater, the nobler, the more brilliant our thoughts are, the more it is obvious to ourselves that the origin lays beyond our ken. We find ourselves endowed with tact, instinct, sense of the beautiful in art, music, etc., or whose origin or dwelling place I am wholly unconscious
        • The value of the subconscious is enormous; it inspires me, it warns me; it furnishes me with names, facts and scenes from the storehouse of memory. It directs my thoughts, tastes, and accomplishes tasks so intricate that no conscious mind, even if it had the power, has the capacity for

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