16 Aug 2021

[111] Assume it as Done

Neville Goddard

I realize that I have the ability to understand tension, inner-resistance, and reactivity in the moment if it shows up. In the moment, I am able to release and go into pure awareness. From this pure awareness, I am able to understand how to respond mindfully. As a result, I maintain my ideal state of mind which is one with my vision. As I continue to do this, I find even more opportuntiies. As these opportunities are revealed through the inner-resistance, tension, and reactivity, I am able to work with my revision ability to go back into my imagination and reimagine it from an ideal perspective. As a result, I maintain more flow, more harmony, more peace. As a result, I have a greater degree of congruence and faith in my direction, representing power. As a result, I am able to understand, feel more love, and have warmth as I integrate with the people, environment, circumstance, and information. I also find a higher degree of presence and as I continue down this journey,. I understand and value the journey as much as I do the destination. I value the vision of my desire and the internal spiritual process of realization

Inner Relationship

  • Our mental scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists of today refer to this region as the creative power in man; that everything in man’s world is determined by the activities of the subconscious mind; that man himself has absolutely no control over the activities of this region unless he first gets into a relationship with it
    • Make the journey as valuable as the destination, I have a number of different goals and a vision and the journey is revealing what’s in the subconscious. Through the process of these revelations, as well as inspirations, I find what is within myself (as far as interpretations and programming) and I go in and change this programming through revision, subconscious mind audios, and self talk to make this programming more harmonious with the vision
  • For here is a region that they call the subconscious; others call it the “unconscious,” and still others speak of it as the “collective unconscious,” but they claim for it a creative power that molds the outer world in harmony with the inner arrangement of its self
    • So I want to change the inner arrangement within myself, which is revealed in what I say when I talk to myself and others, and how I relate to the outer world experience
  • So they give it structure, they give it reality, they give it form, and they claim its structure determines the outer structure I observe and call the only reality; that any modification in the internal structure of this deep region results in corresponding changes in the outer objective world. But then they leave me at the mercy of it, unless I can find the trick of entering into a relationship with it
    • I must make peace with myself; repentance and revision
    • I am either creating from my past again and again or I am creating from my vision

Inner relationship+ Imagination

  • Awareness
    • It is possible just to be, to be “Aware,” without identifying with anything, without dwelling in thoughts and without putting any identities or states of mind on self. This is what I also call pure awareness
      • When I recognize that I am the one giving meaning to everything, I have brought forth a higher degree of awareness. I then consciously try to change the meaning, but sometimes I “fall asleep” – I seem to forget that I am identifying automatically – I go into different states of mind and it plays out in life. I must practice going into this pure awareness to release from all identification
    • It is my natural state of awareness
  • Imagination
    • That which I experience in imagination is an actual creative act. It is a fact in the fourth dimension of space and will make its appearance in this three-dimensional world just as surely as planting a seed will result in the growth of a particular plant
      • Once I have planted this seed in my imagination, I do not uproot it by being anxious about how it will be accomplished. Each seed has its own appointed time. Some seeds take a few days; others a little longer
      • Feel confident that what I have planted will appear in my world. My imagination will draw all that it needs to make my dream an actual reality. If it takes others to play a part in order to accomplish my end, my imagination will draw that person into my drama to play his or her part in the sequence of events
      • My only responsibility is to remain faithful to my imaginal act until I experience it in my outer world. I can repeat my imaginal act each night before falling asleep. In fact, I may wish to enact this drama over and over again until it feels normal and natural to me as I drop off to sleep
        • Tension, inner-resistance and reactivity as opportunity
          • There are unnumbered states and the occupant of one state is not better than the occupant of another, for each is a brother in their highest unity and all are one in the body of the Source
          • But the state, and attitude to which I most constantly return, constitutes my dwelling place. If I dwell in self-pity I will express the state, but by occupying that state I am not less than one who has ambitions to enter the White House, or the Vatican as the Pope
          • The individual desiring an ambitious state is not greater than or less than the one who doesn’t know he is in a state and remains subjected to it
        • My imagination will work out the means to realize my dream while my conscious mind sleeps

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