07 Sep 2021

[112] Public Speaking Insights

I realize that the audience reflects who I am. As a result, I embody by living the philosophy and practicing communication in relation to what I know that will influence and benefit the lives of others everywhere I go. I recognize that being authentic expression is going to be a result of the self-image which is ideal and in relation to my presentation. I look for opportunities to communicate my message and as a result benefit the lives of others. This is reflected in how people receive my message. I notice that people are receptive, understanding, excited, and enthusiastic about what I have to say. This further motivations, me to learn from each experience thus placing myself in more public speaking scenarios. I find creative ways to refine my message, communicate in a way that is influential and engaging for those who are ready to receive. As a result, I find more joy and realize that public speaking and creative expression through communication is actually who I am. I am an effective communicator and I’m able to reveal this more so as I continue this journey in developing my public speaking skills. As a result, I find opportunities to practice which are revealed to me wherever I am. I practice through one-on-one conversations, through group conversations, I find a higher degree of confidence in stepping into more challenging public speaking scenarios. As a result, I find myself, upon reflection of engaging in those public speaking scenarios, my skill is improving. I enjoy learning more about myself as I go down this adventure in developing myself into a effective communicator through the art of public speaking

Art of Public Speaking // Dale Carnegie

Be absorbed by your subject, leave no room for doubt

  • Apply the blacksmith’s homely principle when I am speaking. If I feel deeply about my subject I will be able to think of little else. Concentration is a process of distraction from less important matters. It is too late to think about the cut of my coat when once I am upon the platform, so center my interest on what I am about to say — fill my mind with my speech — material and, like the infilling water in the glass, it will drive out my unsubstantial fears
    • One of the challenges that I experience on this journey of communication is the internal interpretation of myself and how I relate to others which is embodied in my behaviors and in my communication which is a result of my self-image
    • One of the best ways to reveal this self-image and overcome certain attributes that I’ve identified with in the self-image is through the act of public speaking
  • After preparing for success, expect it
    • Reflect that my audience will not hurt me
    • The first sign of greatness is when a man does not attempt to look and act great
    • In facing my audience, pause a moment and look them over — a hundred chances to one they want me to succeed
    • Do not apologize. It ought not to be necessary; and if it is, it will not help. Go straight ahead

A matter of practice

  • Acquire the basic skills
    • Take heart from the experience of others
    • Keep my goal before me
      • Learn to make my thoughts, my ideas, clear to others, individually, in groups, in public
      • I can reap a double benefit from this prescription. My self-confidence strengthens as I learn to speak to others, and my whole personality grows warmer and better. This means that I am better off emotionally, and if I am better off emotionally, I am better off physically
    • Predetermine my mind to success
      • I have set my sights on the goal of increased confidence and more effective communication. From now on, I must think positively, not negatively, about my chances to succeed in this endeavor
      • I must develop a buoyant optimism about the outcome of my efforts to speak before groups. I must set the seal of determination upon every word and action that I devote toward the development of the ability
    • Seize every opportunity to practice
      • As I put its principles into practice, I, too, will be heading into adventure. I will find it is an adventure in which my power of self-direction and my vision will sustain me. I will find it is an adventure that can change me, inside and out
  • Developing confidence
    • Get the facts about fear of speaking in public
      • Fact number one: I am not unique in my fear of speaking in public
      • Fact number two: a certain amount of stage fright is useful. It is nature’s way of preparing me to meet unusual challenges in my environment
      • Fact number three: many professional speakers have assured me that they never completely lose all stage fright. It is almost always present just before they speak, and it may persist through the first few sentences of their talk
      • Fact number four: the chief cause of my fear of public speaking is simply that I am unaccustomed to speak in public
    • Prepare in the proper way
      • By “perfect preparation” do I mean that I should memorize my talk? To this question I give back a thunderous NO
      • In their attempts to protect their egos from the dangers of drawing a mental blank before an audience, many speakers fall headlong into the trap of memorization
      • Should I rehearse my talk after I have it in some kind of order?
      • By all means. Here is a sure-fire method that is easy and effective. Use the ideas I have selected for my talk in everyday conversations with my friends and business associates

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