19 Jul 2022

Gap Year

Attending the SAGES conference offered an amazing opportunity to speak with clinicians, pharmaceutical representatives, and medical students from around the nation.

Our both included 3D printed organ replicas to catch attendee attention.



Overall, the SAGES 2021 conference propelled VAROS Technologies Inc. to a more mature level of business fundamentals and clinical application…

While also offering time to enjoy the Las Vegas Desert!


In April of 2022, I delivered my first ever presentation about myself – my past and trajectory forward.

It was interesting to hear the two standout pieces of feedback that I received were:

1. I went too deep into my personal past and it took away from who I am today
2. Going into my personal past was appreciated and provided helpful background to who I am today

I learned that it is impossible to please everybody, so my next presentation will be similarly made based on what feels true to me and aligned with my intention of sharing valuable insights and opportunities with others.

Presentation slides can be found at: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1nE6dz_UjO_TG13wh01Y0YFsaNTTKKXV5cq63cvxybQE/edit?usp=sharing

Presentation notes can be found at: https://andrewbouras.notion.site/Project-Creation-Timeline-c35d00351ad24905b14f33591360af57

On a side note, my gap year has offered plenty of time to get comfortable being upside down in the air!


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