03 Sep 2022

[1] What is Humble Fortitude

Life is about humble fortitude.

Now what does that mean?

Humble fortitude is the ability to connect with yourself. And in doing so, we’re connecting with all, and when you are truly connected with all, you feel that to the core, then it is impossible to not feel humbled; humbled in the sheer size, magnitude, and volume of consciousness itself.

But a sense of unity comes in this recognition and with unity comes the understanding that others are equal and opposite to you.

And with that, wants nothing but the best for them and yourself.

Just as you would want nothing but the best for them. They want that in you.

And with this understanding, comes the empowerment to be able to withstand anything and everything because all is in alignment with the destination.

And the definition is remaining resilient in times of perceived challenge, difficulties, stress, failures, defeat etc.

So, to recap, with a sense of unity, one is able to reach states of prolonged humbleness.

And with this certain sense of unity comes the appreciation for all including those feelings of yourself and in doing so, you bought them off with open arms and remain unattached to detach from the desired outcome.

And in doing so, you’re capable of handling anything and everything with grit because grit will flow from your very essence.

You have humble fortitude, which is the desired state of living, of creating, of reacting because it will become impossible to break from the state of mind, body and spirit, so long as you remain present and conscious of your very sense of self.

Whenever one breaks from the state of being, one’s values will align towards one’s perceived state of polarization whether it be selfishness or unselfishness.

And when this happens, then you become attached to a desired reality, and thus will begin to react emotionally to events that come up throughout the journey.

Yet again, the solution is remaining presently aware and aware of not only your actions, but of your proactive nature to your physical self and your unified self – because you’re actually able to mold your state of mind to one that is aligned with unified living.

I feel like a salesman for collective consciousness and this alone has implications across the whole spectrum of outcome.

We’re simply accepting life for what it is.

We’re able to roll with the punches and learn more about ourselves each day.

Learn more about how you can better become present and how you can accomplish our goals in ways that are right for yourself, others, divine, and evolution.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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