04 Sep 2022

[2] Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Hello, my name is Andrew. And I’m here to share information and speak my mind through my heart for the cleansing of my soul. The purpose of this YouTube channel is to get information to you in ways that will ideally equip you with the skills, the discernment, and the understanding of ways to better your lives in the most well-rounded way possible. And in doing so, I’m finding benefit from g myself through the act of progression of my mind, my heart, my body. Ideally, I speak my mind with clarity and compassion and do so in ways that are in harmony with all and in alignment with my vision. So I’m excited to be here today and to share information that I have accumulated through the years of my life and beginning today, my 24th birthday. I’m going to make this a habit to fall in love with the process and be able to see and truly feel the destination as one with the journey of simply growing learning and improving upon myself for the benefit of the betterment of you, the viewer. Thank you. Thank you

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