07 Sep 2022

[5] Mantra for Love

Shavasana Soriama.

This is a mantra to manifest love in your life.

And why shavasana soriama as the mantra?

Well, this is the mantra because it is a string of sounds that arose without prior thinking.

I simply turned on this mic and says the sound under the guise of it being a mantra for love.

Because that is the answer.

The whole point of having shavasana soriama as the mantra for love is that it is a piece of stimuli that I do not have any prior pairings with.

So what does this mean?

If I chose the mantra for love to be the word hamburger, I would pair that with what I imagined to be a hamburger.

Maybe my mouth will begin to salivate, etc.

And it’s great in the sense that that pairing is exactly what I want.

But instead of feelings of hunger and celebration, I want to generate feelings of love.

And in order to do so, I can use a brand new sound, one that I attach my own meaning to, and in this case, I chose shivasana soriama.

And for you, it could be anything it could be a sound to be annoyed is its own hand gesture, like the location, or an individual.

Anything that is able to ideally involuntarily arise feelings of love in you.

And in another video, I’ll discuss how to best feel feelings of love and how do you generate them on demand, but for now, we’re focusing on the mantra.

Find a sound, find an action find any piece of five sensory stimuli that you can pair with feelings of joy.

And once you can vividly experience feelings of joy of love and prosperity, you will be doing this behaving in ways that are aligned with those ideals.

And in doing so, you are bringing about states of joy, love and prosperity and others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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