08 Sep 2022

[6] Auto Suggestion & Affirmations | 369 Method

Today’s conversation is on affirmations versus auto-suggestions.

I’ll touch on when it is important to focus on one over the other and what the actual differences are between the two. So first we have auto-suggestions.

Think, what is it about your days that you are suggesting to be true in regards to yourself?

What assumptions are you making?

How you operate in relation to people, to environments, circumstances and information etc., is what you’re feeling accurate and true to who you know yourself to be.

Affirmations on the other hand are statements.

You are affirming some character trait or quality to be true to the point where they are considered to be truthful.

I want to make a clear distinction between true versus True.

True statements are dependent on context.

By now it is true to say that I am out in nature recording the video.

However, I go to sleep tonight, it would not be true to say that I’m out in nature recording a video.

Truth however, is true regardless of the context.

And this is an important distinction.

He wants to speak these affirmations into your subconscious mind to the point where they are known to be truthful and therefore you’re able to act upon them in ways that feel akin to flow.

An example is I’m healthy, I’m wealthy and I am full of love.

Yes, it may be true that when I say these affirmations, I feel them to be true in the moment.

However, the point of affirming the statements through auto suggestion.

So then the circumstances arise in my daily life, I will begin effortlessly flowing towards the same desires, which in this case is health, wealth and an abundance of love.

And in other words by saying I’m healthy and wealthy and I am full of love to myself day in and day out.

The most of each day, I’m naturally thinking in ways that are aligned with health with wealth and with an abundance of love.

And by thinking in this way, I’m feeling statements to be true.

And feeling is the motives behind behavior and actions both consciously and subconsciously.

By feeling these affirmations to be true, by actions and behaviors aligned with them and therefore in this five things theater that plays out in our life, I’ll begin to notice more so each day that those items that I interact with, will reflect the feelings I hold within.

And with that I’m turning these affirm statements that I commit to being truthful, beyond any context into ways of life in which my conscious and my subconscious mind thinks feels behave and radiate.

And with that, I have no choice but to be aligned with these statements, because the word autosuggestion which means that I am suggesting to myself, that this is who I am, this is who I wish to be.

And therefore this is who I have no choice but to be my thinking more so each day, I will begin to recognize this harmonious states of mind change in response to a catalyst.

A catalyzing stimulus brings about thought patterns that are no longer in harmony with these explanations.

But I’m also suggesting to myself that Joseph Rodriguez recommends write these things down, write down exactly what it is that is throwing you off course, recognizing these states as they arise requires conscious presence.

I’ll say that topic for another video. But in short, you want to remain vigilant of how external people environments, circumstances and information presents itself in ways that lead you to no longer feel that feeling of isn’t it wonderful.

So to conclude, I recommend keeping your affirmations short, simple and meaningful.

Take them into existence.

Begin with the pattern of 369 before you go to bed, and as you wake up, repeat yourself a single state and three times six times nine times and imagine and dwell in the feeling of the state desired for at least nine seconds afterwards.

With an example being I’m healthy, I’m wealthy and I am full of love.

Repeat this three times six times the nine times.

Let’s choose an imagined state.

You can simply close your eyes and fields be true, involving the five senses and even the sixth sense of humor and feel it juice these feelings from your mind’s eye and then open your eyes and go on about your day.

Because there’s nothing else that you need to do beyond well in the state fulfilled.

If you have any questions, drop them below.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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