09 Sep 2022

[7] Why some are drawn to the Dark Arts

The purpose of today’s conversation is to touch on spiritual depravity and the extension of it, which is spiritual immortality.

Now to some, these may be terms that have never been considered before.

However, the implications are resounding when you notice them.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to get into today.

So first, let’s begin with spiritual depravity, which is a prerequisite to spiritual immorality.

Spiritual depravity means one is deprived of that which is needed to have the human spirit thrive in the most well rounded way possible.

And one may be deprived of any number of factors, including physical wellness, mental health, intellectual ability, social well being financial standings, etc.

And when you are deprived of your core basic needs on may turn to immoral options and routes of thinking of acting and behaving consciously and subconsciously.

Let’s give an example: Let’s say you have a goal of earning financial riches.

Without this goal achieved or the financial riches obtained.

This person may feel an impact on their spirit, in turn, when they shifted their focus onto shortcuts, because they are operating from a place of less than I’ve seen firsthand how individuals return to the dark arts to fund their lifestyle, when in reality, all they need is a reframing of mind.

What do I mean by that?

When you are turning to the dark arts to earn a state of status that you deem is worthy, and you are not recognizing that living from the state of worthiness is in reality, the true goal?

If you’re living as if you already had that status, and it doesn’t matter if that goal comes today or tomorrow, once internal state will determine their external reality.

And in turn at this theater, that is the five sense reality reflects one’s internal state, all while they’re using the dark arts as a cheat code to skip the journey or to override their internal state and get straight to the goal.

Then a black hole will eventually form and their external reality will come caving into their internal state of being that is not a place that you want to be in.

And more importantly, that is not a place that you want to bring others into with you in doing so.

You may bring deeply repressed secrets, thoughts, emotions and feelings to the surface which does have benefit but ultimately, it is all avoided when you recognize where you are deprived in some way.

I challenge you to recognize your internal state of depravity and address it before you lead yourself into a state of spiritual immortality.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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