11 Sep 2022

[9] How to Cleanse Stagnant Energy

When and of how to cleanse yourself of stagnant energy.

Do you ever feel like things are not going your way?

Like you’re living reactive to the external environment?

For whatever reason, you’re just feeling blessed, or met, or have or any of those feelings?

And you know, you don’t want to feel victimized by this energy.

You don’t want it to tap out and declare defeat due to how you feel.

Well, that’s what I’m here to share today.

How do you fully cleanse yourself of this energy and make way for what’s new wave energy that is now in harmony with your goals?

Well, let’s begin: First, you must recognize how you feel.

That’s the first and foremost step for just about anything.

You want to be in tune with your body, mind and your spirit.

And notice when things go astray, and I’ve touched on this in several other videos, so I won’t harp on it right now.

The first come to the recognition that things are not where you wish them to be.

And despite flipping that mental switch or reframing your mind, you do not experience a lasting improvement, but that’s okay.

Because it’s just the first line of defense for what’s in store.

So you recognize the things are wrong, you try to immediately make a change in whatever way feels intuitively right.

This does not work, then why?

Well, this is where I propose a solution of giving, of selfless giving.

My hypothesis is that if you’re giving then you will be able to naturally cleanse yourself of that which no longer serves you.

And as a result, you make way for new energy, new possibilities, and ultimately, new outcomes and how you think, how you feel and how you act.

As a quick example, I was at the gym, feeling just not all myself.

I tried changing my mindset to one centered around an appreciation of life, restructuring the way I’ve received my progress toward my goals, and overall come into a state of gratitude.

And yet that feeling was fleeting.

So luckily, I left the gym and outside there are people that were seeking love getting into the specifics.

I was in a scenario that allowed for selfless giving.

And that’s an important distinction.

I gave not to receive, I gave to simply let others receive and in doing so I felt tremendously better.

That feeling was not fleeting.

Feeling felt like it took away any dense energy that was holding me down and bearing on the body.

So when external people and environments circumstances or information are not conducive, in presenting opportunities for you to give, is it best to seek out opportunities to force situations to arise or to give when it is not in line with how the external world is laid out to be?

Well, of course, it’s all about scale.

giving money to the homeless may be an act that only some can come across, or be able to do.

However, anyone can give a compliment to a stranger can offer smile to a passerby or can let another car go at the intersection.

You can give in any number of ways and do so because you want to raise this planetary vibration.

And for that reason alone, there will be lingering attachment to the interaction, if you’re coming from a place of selfishness, so go within and recognize that I’m not feeling how I wish to feel.

And as a result, I’m going to live my life and service to others and forget about my personal feelings at the time.

And of course you’re not going to do this to the absolute extreme where your life and your livelihood are in danger or threatened.

We’re going to do this in ways that feel right.

I trust that you’re going to be able to take this information and apply it and whatever scale or sense of fuels right.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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