12 Sep 2022

[10] The Ladder Technique for Visualization | Neville Goddard & Elmer O Locker Jr

Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to do a deep dive on a ladder technique that was first brought into my awareness by Elmer o locker Jr, who created a video describing the original technique proposed by Neville Goddard himself.

That technique goes as follows.

Close your eyes.

Visualize yourself climbing the ladder.

Anybody who wants to see yourself and truly feel yourself putting one step above.

Next, one arm reaches over the next including all of the sensory details and senses.

Does it look like from where you stand?

What does the letter feel like?

They’re sent Are you outdoors to hear anything in the background?

To taste your mouth getting drier as you climb higher and higher?

Do you find it all humorous and engaging, have a sense of humor.

The whole point of doing this is to have a relatively simple, repetitive and basic visualization.

And in doing so, each night as you drift off to sleep.

The goal is to manifest yourself in your waking hours climbing a ladder.

So as you drift obviously, you visualize it for as long as possible, as vivid as possible for yourself climbing a ladder, and as you drift off to sleep wake up.

What do you do in the meantime?

Well, until that letter comes into your life, absolutely nothing.

Don’t stress about it.

Don’t power negative thoughts don’t feel doubts or indecision.

You simply go about your life and have faith in the unseen realities ability to unfold in ways that are harmonious to your goal, which is in the sense, climbing a ladder.

Personally, I did this and it took me three days to climb that ladder.

And to be completely honest, I believed in manifestation and visualizations, and never before and I see such tangible results so quickly, was exercises to drastically open up my faith and now I’m challenging you to give it a try.

See what happens. And remember that as Neville Goddard put it, feeling is the secret.

Because if you feel yourself climbing this ladder, and you bring it into your daily life, and what else is possible for you to visualize, to eventually bring to fruition only a matter of time.

So that’s it for today.

I want to shout out Neville and also shoutout Elmer because if it wasn’t for these two, I would not be from that today.

Now shout out to you all because those of you that remain consistent in your visualizations, and persevere interfaith no matter how drastically disharmonious the external environment seems to be, you can and you will, if you think feel and act from a place of faith.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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