16 Sep 2022

[14] Activate your Chakras with Purpose

Today’s video is on the chakras do for breathe and feel like you’re breathing from the bottom of your lungs up until you feel your body completely with fresh refreshing oxygen in my eyes, that is what the chakras are all about.

One sense, wants to just connect with the whole body. And whether you can do that through a breath of fresh air, or through a baggie of stones.

The choice is yours, but the intention is the same.

Want to connect within the one with all parts of your body and with this one to live a life of intention of purpose, fulfilled enjoyment?

Because when you were being conscious of the seven chakras, from your root up into your crown, then you’re capable of utilizing all stores under energy for the greater good.

So let’s begin: Just like with any plant, the roots start from below the surface, and they take in the nutrients, they are are vital source of energy, and they are symbolic of your ability to be one with nature and with a primal sense of your very self building on the reach of your sacral chakra where my eyes is there or your sexual energy.

There’s not a whole lot else that needs to be said about that.

We move on into our solar plexus, and with the first word being solar, you’re connecting to the light energy and utilizing it for for creative endeavors, whether that be artistic expression, or entrepreneurial creation or connecting within to provide goods and services for the greater good and are doing so in order to open to live from your heart chakra.

Where in the chakra, we’re living a life that is in service to others, and in doing so, you’re feeling a deeper sense of fulfillment along the journey.

And along this journey.

One may live from their sense of truth and speak their mind in times of doubt.

And the way that you choose to do so is entirely up to you.

But one concept is that it’s real and pertains to the third chakra.

Moving on above the throat you have your third eye.

And despite studying neuroscience for years of my life, I will not claim there to be a single anatomical spot for the third eye because that’s not even purpose in my eyes.

I see the third eye as you’re thinking beyond or you see in his five sense reality to utilize the five chakra below.

And with that you’ll come to an understanding that we live in a reality that is one with all the doors of possibility for whatever it is that you seek is right before the pinpoint exactly what it is that you seek the most open and live from your third eye and in doing so, you will find yourself living a life that is one with an interconnectedness with more than just humanity with every species organic, inorganic, that might be what I consider to be an activation of the crown chakra.

So let me boil it back down.

At the beginning of the breath, you clench the area around your groin, not to be too graphic but you squeeze and you inhale as if there’s a water slide going up from your coin in through your innards up your spine.

For me, I reach around the heart to the base of the throat and then my conscious awareness kicks into place and I continue the breath through my throat up to fill my skull.

I fill my cranium until I explode upwards into an umbrella that is able to drift down into as far of a diameter as possible into all directions.

It slowly seeps down.

So I exhale I’ve paused briefly and then I begin again.

Again with the same energy that was pouring out from above, as a noun continues the cycle of New Energy, the cycle of root to crown and back again, since royal shape that continues and increases in strength and magnitude with each cycle.

With each cycle.

I feel bliss.

I don’t use that word lightly.

Or maybe I do.

But regardless, I feel good and there is no doubt.

So I challenge you all to as many times throughout the day as possible.

Breathe as if it was your last breath, connect with him and feel all parts of your body.

Activate with conscious intention.

And in doing so, let me know how you feel in comparison to a normal, shallow, lifeless breath and maybe irregular.

That’s all for today.

Wish you all the best.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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