19 Sep 2022

[17] The Most Important Metaverse Is NOT What You Think

Think about what you imagined you would feel in a completely immersive, hyper-realistic sensory environment.

And in this environment for this virtual world, you interact with others.

Now, if you were to see a passerby and you wish to spark up a conversation or network with them, then you must begin from Bass zero.

Hello, my name is so and so. I’m from X.

My job is why and I’m passionate about Z.

One of my spend an entire lifetime uncovering the most efficient ways of conversing harmoniously with others.

However, we have the technological capability of developing a hyper-realistic, immersive virtual world that don’t you think we will apply it to the development of unique muscle versus that will make this a clear distinction from the common difference to Metaverse where meta is Greek for beyond messa in this case, is the antonym meaning inside.

My intention, however, transcends these names.

So getting back to the core concept, what is the form of this personal Metaverse or messengers that we have right now?

Well, personally and professionally, we have websites.

And more specifically, we have websites like literally, it’s a newer form of website, given that it’s once technological home full of 2D information and doorways to other worlds in the form of hyperlinks and URLs that take viewers to social media pages to websites, other link trees, etc.

So what does this look like in the metaverse where you see someone and you want to be shown information that is unique about them?

Where the control is up to the users themselves?

Well, I’m not claiming to know whether a centralized force is going to provide this capability.

I know for sure that spiritual doubt is building towards and passionate about a goal adjacent to this.

So first, let’s say the problem right now you can create a link tree under the name of any person and provide links to anything in the metaverse one will likely be able to display themselves at any character avatar.

Now, I’m open to allowing users to freely be able to choose to look like Justin Bieber, for example, in the metaverse and have a link tree centered around that persona.

This leads the due diligence to confirm those identities onto those that actually care enough to do so.

However, let’s say in another example, someone claims to be a spiritual guru of sorts.

They share messages in Garner an audience, this audience should have the ability to take these messages beyond face value.

Anyone should want to know that these gurus do more than just talk the talk.

They actually put their preached principles into practice or are humble enough to objectively understand their strengths and weaknesses.

So how could this be done at scale?

Well, without getting deep into the technical explanation, one route would be similar to proof of attendance protocols, or what is commonly known as perhaps this could be thought of as badges that one gets for completing tasks.

Now with Power Apps, I can brag about all he wants about a certain event, if I do not have a verifiable co app backing me up by statements that people are going to see right through me, and that’s useful.

So we would have to offer prolapse or what is the criteria that we would objectively measure from.

Well, ultimately, it is up for the spiritual our community to decide.

But my suggested proposal is basing it around the Vedic chakra system.

Sure graphics on the side, but the gist is that each being has seven core chocolates or wheels in Sanskrit, that require sufficient energy flowing through them to spin.

With this, each of the seven chakras has a unique theme.

An example is a route where you’re grounded with the Earth and the Crown are symbolic of your interconnectedness with all so getting back to our spiritual guru example, if your message is centered around standing up for yourself and times without and speaking your truth, even when the going gets tough.

Another throat chakra related takeaways that viewers should be able to verify that after this guru has done preaching, they don’t go home and live our life that is contradicting their message.

So transmutes the spiritual practice from passive to active.

But how is this actually done?

Again, it’s up to those that dare to share their ideas.

But my thought is that we have a hub of sorts.

Here, you can think of it as a building with seven floors.

Each floor is associated with a particular chakra.

That’s our basic and say you come in and you wish to work on your root chakra.

You go to the first floor and load up a natural world that is open for you to walk around, ground yourself in and enjoy.

Now,┬álet’s say up at the fifth floor, people are working on their throat chakras.

In my opinion, the goal of the games where each chakra is unique virtual world wouldn’t have to be to immerse the user sufficiently enough to where they are not focused on trying to game the system.

So with this, we have to make it so that the Pass Fail opportunity is unexpected, and when it arises, the gardeners one’s subconscious thoughts, feelings and actions up to the surface.

Fluency for the throat chakra game is a basketball game, where user would expect the communication center metrics to be based around the end game teamwork, level headedness and play calls.

However, after the basketball game, the team goes out to get food and a rowdy fan starts hitting under teaming.

The actual pass fail of the whole experience could boil down to the user’s willingness to stand up to the teammate and speak the truth.

So in summary, if this desired action is done, and the user earns a spiritual download, which is ultimately used to act as some sort of moral or ethical standard, this would be useful at both the individual and community levels for those that want to evolve their spiritual selves, or utilize this impressive technology to progress their human spirit, or other communities, Dallas organizations that only wish to onboard members that are verifiably well rounded.

I’ll leave my speculation at that and conclude by saying a hardware and software technology is rapidly improving to the point where these meta verses are becoming more and more of a path that a chunk of the human population will begin to participate in.

We as a spiritual community, are simply put those that value the human spirit over material goods have a role to play in both sides of the spectrum.

We have those choosing to remain true to our natural bodies in this planetary world with the refusal of technological innovation.

And then we have those that dive right on in both sides have pros and cons.

And my purpose with this message is to be proactive in our approach to using this incoming technology in ways that align with meaningful community instilled goals.

And one goal could be actively progressing ourselves spiritually and having the capability to showcase the results of our efforts to those that care.

That’s all for now, if you vibe with this, and let’s crystallize this vision into reality through immediate action, the discord server is a good first place to start.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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