20 Sep 2022

[18] Only YOU Dictate YOUR Life

Today, I’m here to claim that we live in a dictatorship.

Now, before we polarize into any rash judgments, let me finish by saying that the dictator is you.

You are the dictator of how you appreciate these five sensory worldly experiences.

Yes, it may not feel like you’re the one that is due to hidden exactly how you’re living because of the innumerable amount of sensory stimuli that was flooded, flooded your way every second of every day.

However, you and you alone are the ones in charge of how you react to this information, these environments, the circumstances and the people that come your way.

So yes, I’m not claiming you to be the sole dictator of what may come your way, or rather, how you perceive interpret ultimately reacted to sensitivity.

And with that, the goal of the dictator is no different than wanting government or politics.

Well must take in stimuli and react in ways that are harmonious to one’s goals.

The world will always be sending you sensory stimuli for you to take in or ignore.

And while there are nuances to this the core concept is that even the dictator cannot firmly control what information comes their way when circumstances arise when people want to interact with or what environments one finds themselves in.

But it is imperative that the dictator remains aware of the fact that they and they alone dictate how the sensory stimulus molds or internal state in which one thinks feels and acts upon those determining their path forward.

There are two common pitfalls:

Number one, letting one’s short term sensory gratification become flooded and overwhelmed.

Thus, mentally paralyzing the person.

Think tick tock zombie scrolling, and number two, repeated sensory polarization, molding one’s sense of self and beyond that one’s goals.

Think my partisan news outlets.

So how do you overcome these defaults and live in ways that are optimal for your goals, but also enjoyable?

Well, the answer is that everything is needed in moderation, everything.

Yes, it is important to remain open minded, but the importance is less so in the openness of one’s mind, because you can take in a lot of nonsensical BS, but rather the importance is on one’s ability to open and close one’s mind.

Having this level of internal control means that you can be open to listening to arguments who is conflicting side of where you currently stand, but being able to close the stream of stimuli, digest what you took in filter through what aligns with your moral compass and excrete the rest.

By doing so, on remains vigilant in taking in stimulus with purpose.

Gone are the days of Mindlessly scrolling on social media, or emotionally reacting to a conversation with a sour friend, or finding oneself in environments that are disharmonious to how you wish to feel.

You are the dictator of how you choose to respond to the endless supply of sensory information.

Choose wisely.

By remaining self aware, opening up your mind and taking in stimulus in moderation.

Then using that stimuli to proactively close the gap between you and your goals.

If any part of this pathway is out of whack, and you will feel it within you’ll find it in your external world and you will stray farther from your goals.

Good luck and take care.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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