22 Sep 2022

[20] How to Handle the Projection of Others

We live in a world where energy is neither created nor destroyed.

While this fact is cemented in physics textbooks, the implications this has on our daily, not laboratory lives, are not always discussed.

One way this affects each and every one of our lives is projection.

Now, I’m not talking about astral projection, but rather the emotional projection of one’s energy onto others.

We have all been on both sides of this equation.

You get in an argument with a partner, then you keep that emotion within and unleash it on an undeserving person, and that person may be doing the exact same thing to you.

The way to handle the projection of others is with love.

Recognize that whatever others are doing to you, you better believe that you do the exact same back to them. There is no need for a holier-than-thou mindset paired with judgment or hard feelings.

There’s no escaping this idea that each and every one of us project onto others, so if others are projecting their anger, fear, or emotion of any kind, then go within and find where that emotion lies dormant or maybe active within yourself.

Leaning toward judgment, any discontent, the deceit is only going to multiply the problem. Recognize that others are not perfect. But it is their imperfection that we must learn from.

So, we recognize that polarizing feelings arise sharply due to external people, environments, circumstances, and information.

And with that, people suppress their emotions.

Then, in comes you, waltzing in with your big smile and you become a sponge, receiving all that the other person had bottled up.

And then tomorrow, the exact same scenario is likely to happen again, but this time with the roles switched.

So, how can break this cycle of projecting one’s disharmonious thoughts, feelings, and emotions onto unsuspecting victims?

Well, first let’s focus on what to do when others are projecting onto you.

In this moment, you must seek to understand, not be understood.

Remain open-minded, pose no attachment to an expectation of an outcome, and simply enjoy the present moment and set the tone that you wish others to follow.

Operating in this way will spark self-awareness in the other person, thus making them abundantly aware of their misaligned thoughts, feelings, behavior, and action.

The goal is to indirectly facilitate their recognition of the stark contrast between how YOU are operating and how THEY are living, reactive to their emotional states,

So, I challenge you to live proactively, as the example that you wish others to embody.

Remain true to who you are, who you know yourself to be, and accept that it is okay to have emotions come up to the surface, and when they do, go the extra mile to uncover their origin, and address them before they unconsciously become projected onto those that you interact with.

So, to summarize, the cycle is as follows:

A catalyst in the form of a person, circumstance, information, or environment affects a person.

This person stores this emotional weight within and carries on about their day.

In walks, another person, who not to mention, likely has their own baggage they bring, is now susceptible to the emotionally damaged individual’s projection.

And they project as a way of dealing with their pent-up emotion.

Now, this person is affected by this emotional projection and they turn around to interact with someone else, who is now on the receiving end of yet another projection.

So, let’s break this cycle once and for all.

Uncover your own thoughts and desires, and do what needs to be done for the betterment of the relationship. So that when the situation is swapped, and you are the one that is living in a reactive state of mind, then you will be aware of how you feel and how your feelings are dictating your actions.

And with that, you will change how you operate in this world while also inspiring others to do the same.

And that my friends, and family, and fellow human beans is how you handle the projection of others.

Operate with unwavering love, joy, honesty, integrity, respect, courage, and compassion, and all will work out.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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