26 Sep 2022

[24] You know Step Z, but A-Y are Unclear

Today’s video aims to speak to those who have gone within and identified exactly what they want.

You understand what it would feel like to have earned that state, that materialistic good, that setting in life, etc., and now, you want to have that as one with your reality.

You’re living from the end in the sense of, you’re living with the feelings that would arise if you already had your state desired.

And yet, you open your eyes and look around, and you don’t see the million dollars in your bank accounts, the modeling, actress, singing, artistic girlfriend or boyfriend, or what have you.

So now what?

You know what it is that you want, or you know Step Z, however, Steps A, B, C, D, E, etc, are unclear.

And that’s fine.

In fact, that’s how it should be.

At this stage, all that should be worked towards is knowing 3 Steps at a time:

Step Z (which you already know)

Step A and Step B.

Beyond these, there are too many external influences that are likely to impact how things will go, so it’s worth your time, energy, and attention to focus on these three steps and these steps alone.

Because the goal is to be focused on what’s at hand, with the ability to anticipate what would come next, and having the ability to zoom out and recalibrate with your end goal.

Alright, so that’s great on a conceptual level, but what do we actually do?

Well, we take action.

Now, this first step is going to look different for everyone and for every goal that is sought after.

For some, this first step is talking with others, its organizing a plan, or it’s sitting down and getting as far as one can get themselves.

Regardless of what it is that you want, the goal is to turn one’s immediate action into persistent action.

After you have overcome the most challenging opponent of simply taking the first step, there are 2 enemies:

1. Fueling the journey with fear, doubt, and indecision.

Which ultimately leads to:

2. Burnout

The goal is to be waking up eagerly excited to take on what is ahead.

This boils down to a regular routine for some, and spontaneity for others.

Find what works best for you, by actually doing the work and molding your days to fit your needs.

This may be easier to understand in the context of building a good or service, but let’s give an example for finding a potential partner:

First, the immediate action could be to, well, talk.

Talk to people, anyone and everyone.

Begin socializing with those that you work with, that you see on a regular basis.

Dive a litter deeper in your conversations, than you would have otherwise.

As days of doing this turn to weeks, and maybe even months and years, you may notice that you still don’t have a partner.

However, remain faithful to the universe’s ability to unfold according to your goals, and reflect on how far you have come thus far.

Eventually, in ways that you very likely never could have planned or expected, people, circumstances, information, or environments will align along the journey, bringing your goal to you.

Looking back, you will recognize that you knew you wanted a partner (Step Z), you took immediate action towards socializing with those that you may not normally socialize with (Step A) and you continued doing so in ways that felt right and that YOU were effortlessly drawn to (Step B).

Now, lastly, reflect and give things.

Give thanks for where you were.

Thanks for what you have the capabilities of doing, of receiving, and of giving back to others.

You’re on an exciting path ahead and I promise you that you will get more out of this journey than you may initially expect.

The only way to find out, is to begin.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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