28 Sep 2022

[26] For those that always want more

This video is for those that are always seeking more…and while I will likely give professional examples, this is meant to transcend differences between personal, professional, and even recreational.

So, this is for those of you that are seeking more. You may seek more money, or fame or fortune, more friends or enrichment, or even more escape from the realities of life.

For those that may find themself setting goals, achieving those goals, yet, possibly feeling dissatisfied after all is said and done.

If that sounds applicable to you in any way, then consider whether you have been thinking big enough about your goals.

I challenge you to set goals that really push you outside of your comfort zone and force you to grow in ways that you could never have even expected.

If not, then you may accomplish the goal and reflect and be like “wow my level of happiness, of contents, and of bliss have remained relatively unchanged despite these external changes.”

Try to think bigger, deeper, and more selflessly when setting goals.

Do you even consider when and where you generate the goals that you set?

I have found it to be challenging to not be fulfilled if the accomplishment of my goal is in harmony with all, improving myself, others, divine, and thus evolution.

It may be time to change up what it is that you’re working on.

When setting new goals, you could be increasing your breadth or depth. With depth, you’d be wanting to go deep enough into an expertise of a certain skill or into the specialization of your craft.

On the other hand, it could be time to change up what you’re focusing on.

It could be time to pick up a new skill.

Challenge yourself to learn something that excites you, or something that scares you.

Push yourself physically mentally socially, intellectually, spiritually, financially.

As you continue setting goals and achieving them, it is imperative to recognize the need for unconditional self love.

Understand that you are whole, that you are enough no matter if you stop achieving any goal beyond this point.

You are worthy of whatever it is that you want to compare yourself with or to.

Live your life to live your best life.

Surround yourself with those that challenge you, and motivate you, that intrigue you.

Identify your fears and tackle them before indecision and doubts begin to blend and crystallize into something worse.

And do so with continuous reflection and appreciation for what you have and what you can do.

Now continue on to bigger and better goals that require you to be living as your best self so that upon fulfillment of your goals, others are able to be facilitated into living the best version of their lives.

This is the conclusion of a three part series on:

1. Identifying what it is that you want

2. Bringing it into a visualized state desired

3. Involving your five senses with the visualization to evoke feelings within

4. Condensing those feelings into the retrievable, isn’t it wonderful

5. Living from that state of having already accomplished your goal

6. Remaining faithful

7. Living from that stage as you take immediate action

8. With persistence

9. And you begin molding your lifestyle to optimize your output

10. So that you can overcome fear, doubt and indecision

11. Before they lead to burnout

12. All while you’re giving thanks through a conscious and consistent reflection

13. And in doing so you’re overcoming the struggles that may arise which dampen your faith. These include recognizing that the journey is one with the destination by accepting that you are learning and growing each day. And you’re appreciating the path of continuous learning and growing no matter what it is that you’re working towards.

14. You’re detached from an expectation of an outcome so that apparent obstacles, challenges, and defeat no longer sway your internal state, rather taking it all in objectively, as feedback data used to optimize your path forward.

15. In a similar tone, you’re taking time for yourself so that you can recalibrate your trajectory forward, reenergize your focus, and realign your purpose.

16. Talking about the purpose, you have the inspiration that you can rely upon because you are working towards something that is of deeper importance to you.

17. Now this may take form as a person, circumstance, environment, information, or, as I have proposed, the imagined state fulfilled.

18. And with this, you’re motivating yourself intrinsically so that you can overcome anything that must be done while raising your baseline.

19. This facilitates your ability to accomplish goals through unwavering faith.

20. And thus, you’re now setting bigger, deeper and more selfless goals that challenge you beyond your comfort zone.

21. You’re increasing the depth and the breadth of your knowledge, experience. love, and compassion for yourself and for others.

22. All while unconditionally loving yourself for who you are, no matter what it is you accomplish in this five sense reality.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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