01 Jan 2021

[0] Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of this blog is ever-changing. Currently, I am interested in learning more about the unseen, scientifically unproven phenomena related to our inner abilities. Since each post should be applicable to all, I have written everything in the first person. My plan is detailed below: Days 1-100 (100 posts) Share notes on one resource […]

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01 Oct 2022

This video is all about how to critically think. Now, I’m going to go beyond what may be taught in schools. I’m not here to help you pass your school exam or what have you. Instead, we’ll get more practical. It’s clear that there is an endless supply of sensory information flooding your way each […]

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30 Sep 2022

[28] How to Avoid Burnout

This conversation is on burnout. Now, we’ve all been there. Some of us are actually there right now. So first, let’s have a moment for those that are feeling burnt out. When you think of the word burnout, can you isolate the feeling within? If so, then what does it feel like? Is it tingly, […]

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This conversation is an extension of one that was being had within the Spiritual DAO discord community. And this one was all about masculine and feminine energy. And if you zoom out, it’s the duality of life itself. More specifically, it’s good, bad, right, wrong, creating, receiving, giving, taking, etc., And, ultimately, the consensus was […]

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